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All Hail The New Prince


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*The Prince grabs a mic from a stagehand and paces around the ring to an almost silent crowd.


He surveys the arena with a disgusted look on his face before bringing his mic up to speak.


PX: You ingrates seem to have forgotten how to address royalty when you see.

So, I am going lower this mic so you can exhaust your praise to the one true Prince of Xtreme.


The Prince speaks in a slight British accent. He lowers his mic and holds up both his arms and slowly spins in a circle as the crowd starts to "boo" The Prince.

The Prince smiles and enjoys the reaction he gets from the crowd before continuing.


PX: I completely understand. Why wouldn't you boo me? I am the true reflection of perfection. I am what your wives and girlfriends imagine when they need to

"get er done" as you disgraceful peons would say. It's ok to hate me. I'm what you wish you could be...except, I'm real...not a fantasy. I see you looking.


The Prince points to a woman in the first row who is dressed very provocatively. The woman screams and jumps up and down getting her 10 seconds on camera.


PX: You wished your man looked like this huh. You wish your man was bred out of royalty and born on a bed made of money with gold and diamonds as toys like myself huh.

Or do you just wish your man had an absolutely perfect body like myself.


The Prince walks over to the ropes and leans on it to a shower of boos. The Prince stares at the woman.

PX: Would you like to join me in the ring?


The woman viciously shakes her head yes as a stagehand goes to help her over the barricade.


PX: Hold on Jester. The Prince did not order you to leave your post. How dare you try to besmirch this ring with the presence of a scoundrel. HA.

You wish you could stand next to a Prince...but sadly, you will not.


The Prince laughs at himself as the crowd boos and the woman looks very disappointed and slightly embarrassed.


PX: Do you see now? Just like a true Prince, I have you peasants eating out of my hand and begging just to be in the same ring as myself.

And furthermore...

The Prince is interrupted by a "You suck" chant from the crowd. The Prince continues to smile and continues.


PX: Is it my fault we British are simply better than you Americans. You take orders from a psychopathic git. You need someone like me. Someone who knows how to rule

with an iron fist. A man that is carved from stoned and bred from Mount Olympus. Son of Zeus and brother of Hercules. The one true Prince...Zachary...Alexander...The Great.


Again the Prince holds up his arms and takes in the reaction from the crowd.


PX: But enough about the greatest thing to happen to OCW. You people want to know how I am going to entertain you week in and week out. You people want to know what you

will be spinning your scab money on. You unappreciative twits want something new...something exciting. Something to talk to you unhappy families about on the long

dreaded drive to your simpleton lives. Well...good news. I have arrived and I can now give you people a reason to not kill yourself tonight.


Again the Prince lowers his mic as the "You Suck" Chants emerge very loudly now from the crowd. The arrogance of The Prince is very obvious as he seems to enjoy

the fans hating him.

PX: Do you nincompoops really think that bothers me. But that's why I am a ruling Prince and all of you are simply bed-wetters who aren't even good enough to hold

the curtain open for me. That goes for you people and those country-dwellers in the back. I've seen what this pathetic industry has to offer and no need to fear...The

Charismatic King is here to save the day. I'm going to release the hold these pathetic never-has-beens have on you. No more will you ingrates have to sit there a tolerate

no talent scalawags disgracing this fine ring with their lack of talent.


For I am perfection in every shape and form. I am the best hand to hand fighter, I have the strongest kicks, and most importantly, I can suplex you more ways than you

can count. And...


The Prince is cut off by a girl in the front row applying make-up.


PX: Excuse me. You dare disgrace me by pretending to not listen. You dare apply beautification materialistic items to that horrendous face of yours while

I grace thee with thine presence.

*The Prince snaps his fingers and points at the stagehand.

PX: Jester, grab that from her.


*The Stagehand does as instructed and hands The Prince the small mirror and blush container. The Prince stares into the mirror and seems to like what he sees to a

shower of boos. He looks over himself for a little while before throwing the container as far as he can over the crowd.


PX: (deep breath). Like I was saying before I was oh so rudely interrupted. I am here simply to claim what I want. And here's the great thing about being

royalty. When I want something...I get it. And as you can see, I love gold. I love to wear it, look at it, kiss it, sleep with it, caress it, and baby it.

I am here to capture gold and it is about time for me to make my presence known so you people can see first hand why I am the X-treme Prince o Plex.


So without further ado, if there is a scumbag who has the testicular fortitude to waltz his pathetic self to my ring feel free or forever hold your peace.


*The Prince drops the mic and removes his entrance gear and awaits his first Opponent.

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The subtle dying of Millionaire, a song performed by the famous 'Queens of the Stone age' signifies what appears to be the start of a rather interesting meeting of completely different personalities. Amplified beyond recognition does the nearplatinum blonde cease his hyperactive entrance about the stage,choosing to stand dead center on what would prove to be his podiumfor the evening. Dressed in a pair of business, pin stripe slacks anda black silk shirt complete with mirrored glasses, one would naturally assume that his arrival would simply aid in helping thePrince, as one as cocky as the man of the hour surely was incapableof doing anything stand up. This was false though, completely opposite of the chiseled exterior he'd cultivated through years of narcissism and dedication




The shirt did little to hide his sunkissed flesh, but he didn't care, this was why he'd built it so strongly, why he had spent years in the gym, away from devilishtemptations in form of MSG's, heavy sodium and fried... oh corruptedbeyond belief fried foods. Inhaling deeply he closed his eyes frombehind those mirrored, white framed glasses, raised the blackmicrophone to his lips using his right hand and spoke out to thering.



Alexander Hunt: Whooooo in the violethell are you?!



Immediately the crowd popped, cheeringinaudibly upon hearing the words of this OCW virgin. The fact wasthat while this was his first appearance within the OCW, outside ofit he was well renown, very well known and so wealthy that it leftsour tastes within millions of mouths nationwide! Alexander Hunt, orMr. Majestic as he was called, was one of the United States most noteworthy Private trainers and public figures, this was how he built his fortune. Spending his time sharing knowledge on how to shed fat andbuild muscle, making appearances at schools and grand openings of Gym's, including his own. Novels and a life changing set of videos that introduced a level of fitness only believed attainable throughyears of gym slaving; in the comfort on one's own living room had puthim over the edge, leading to Television roles and more! YesAlexander Hunt wasn't at all a rookie to the limelight and these cheers came from this knowledge of him, but where would it lead?




Smirking and flashing a perfect whitegrin did Alexander flip his golden locks, tossing back the near weightless tresses as he soaked up his welcome, completely expecting this sort of homecoming. He knew he was liked and loved that he was liked, he didn't fight it, he flaunted it!


Alexander Hunt:Looks like I've got some fans here in PHILLY!




The crowd pops cheaply, giving just enough to urge the cocky mess along.



Alexander Hunt: Fantastic! But that'snot why I'm out here tonight, no that's not why I'm here at all. Seemy debut was suppose to be postponed for several weeks and then Iheard this... this... this bastard's mouth and just had to make my presence known, so let me ask again, Who the helllll are you?!



Barks a fired up Alex as he extends hisleft hand, pointing down the ramp and directly to the Prince. His question is of course one void of an answer, at least as far as this fitness tycoon is concerned. Frankly he doesn't give a damn about whothis so called “ Prince “ is and shows his interest in the formof raising that said finger vertically, giving a little shake and smirking again, smiling as cheesy as he had in his last promotion of “ Ripped to $^%# “



Alexander Hunt: Hold your breath PurpleRain, it was rhetorical, but in case those out there were wonderingI'm going to let THEM know just who you are. You see what you are isan Oblong head shaped Jack ass who's convinced that he's God's gift to the world when before today no one probably even knew that youexisted, I know I didn't! So as far as you being a Prince?! The only Kingdom in which you are any royalty in would be the Kingdom of Ass eating you pompous asshole!



The crowd erupts as the People's chosenone, self proclaimed, speaks out in their defense. With fire in hisvoice and behind hidden eyes he presses on, interrupted by a crowd chant of






Smirking the face raising the mouth tohis lips, ushering the crowd to cease it's teasing at least briefly with the waving of his free hand and a clearing of his throat.



Alexander Hunt: You walk down that ramp, calling people all types of names, dropping vocabulary that noone here gives a -beep- about and expect someone to come out here andface you?! Get this Prince you don't run anything here other thanyour mouth!


Alexander Hunt: You want a match? You step yourass in line and wait just like the rest of us you grape now and laterlooking son of a bitch! You see Prince Ass-munch, you may be what thewomen think about when they're with their men, which I doubt, butwhen your girl's with you? I'm the one she's riding, Now HIT MY MUSIC!



Dropping the mic thus queuing Millionaire to blast out from the speakers within the Arena, Alexander begins to dance provocatively, thrusting his hips andshowing off like he's well known for. With the toss of his hair hestruts from the stage, disappearing back stage.

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