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Hard Work

Tobin Frost

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The scene opens to an old looking gym somewhere in northern California. The scene looks the same as you’d see in the movies, there are men jumping rope, punching the speed bag, and two youngsters sparring in a ring located in the center of the gym. In the corner of the gym sits a man who has just finish his workout for the day. He is packing up his towel and is about to head for the shower when one of the gym’s younger members decides to approach the man.


Kid: Sir, I just have to ask you, why do you seem to beat yourself up everyday.


The man stops and looks at the kid.


Man: I’m not beating myself up kid I’m working. Working hard every day to keep myself in prime shape is not beating myself up. It’s working toward becoming something more than those guys over there.


The man points toward a group of meatheads on the bench press. The man then reaches into his bag and pulls out an issue of OCW the magazine and hands it to the kid.


Man: This is what I’m working for kid. I want to be on the cover of that. Five days a week I come hear so that when I get that call I can go to OCW I’ll be ready. Not only do I want to be the OCW Champion, I also want to be known as one of the best to ever step into the ring.


Kid: Well good luck sir.


Man: Kid, it’s not about luck. It’s about hard work, determination, and talent. You’ll see the name Tobin Frost on the cover of that magazine one day.


Tobin: Because I’m the hardest working man alive.


Tobin picks up his had and walks away as the scene ends.

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