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Reckless kid talks about his upcoming match vs tiger man riot 61

Luke Fuentes

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Reckless Kid talks about his upcoming match (tigerman) Riot 61

::Scene opens up backstage at an OCW event. Cameraman pans down the hallway as he approach's Reckless Kid's locker room. An arm reaches out to knock on the door. " knock Knock "::



Reckless Kid: You can come in cmon.



::Camera man opens the door and there's Reckless Kid watching a recording of what seems to be a previous match of Bobby Minio against Tigerman from a few weeks ago. Reckless acknowledges the camerman and begins to speak as he sits up and talks into the camera ::



Reckless Kid: You see, Bobby fought a great match here. Really showed his stuff. There's just one thing he forgot. And thats the fans! Lets get them involved. Bring it to them! There's one thing I learned over the years in this industry, and thats to see that these fans leave with their minds blown! Now this Tigerman guy...



:: Reckless looks down for a second and chuckles to himself and then looks back into the camera::



Reckless Kid: I hope you're ready cmon. You're about to wrestle the greatest and most exciting match of your life! For when you go against me. I keep my opponents on their toes and make them think. Cause you never know when Reckless Driving is going to hit you. And once that comes out. You're done. Lights out. Party is over. 1..2..3.



Reckless Kid stands up, turns off the tv and walks over to his gym bag.



Reckless Kid: You see. I know I've got a long way to go to get to the top. I know that. The thing is I'm willing to put in the time. Put in the sweat, tears, and blood. In order to get where I want to in this business. I've got to give it my all and let the fans enjoy the ride! And come this Riot 61! You're lucky number 1. Now Tigerman get in, buckle up and enjoy yourself some Reckless Driving a la cmon.



:: As those last words are spoken. Reckless kid shuts his locker room door and walks down the hallway with his gym bag. Camera begins to fade away::


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