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Eye of the Tiger! A Reckless Moment with Minio

Luke Fuentes

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:: scene opens up in a OCW gym. As the cameraman walks across the gym he spots a couple of guys with sweat suits on and with hoodies on their heads. One of them seems to be doing crunches and sit ups, as the other is doing his rips on the bench.::


Guy 1: I'll tell you cmon, This Tigerman guy is dodging me like crazy. I don"t know if he's scared that he's going to lose or just plain frighted that he's going to kick his a** kicked. Cause when he finally comes around and I get my hands on him. He then will realize why its me the people chose to lead them to the top!


:: Guy 2 just then stops doing his sits up and looks over to guy 1 ::


Guy 2: Yeah that or maybe he just doesn't care. You might think you're a big shot, but to him. You're a nobody. Haha..


:: Guy 2 lays back down to do his sit ups as he continues to talk to guy 1::


Guy 2: Now as far as me, I dont care if the guy doesn't acknowledge our match or not. I'm in it for me.


Guy 1: And thats why the people don't really care for you Bobby.


:: The cameraman zooms in on Bobby Minio as he gets up from his sit ups and works his way over to the jump ropes.::


Bobby Minio: Hahaha think what you want Reckless, but it is I who rose to the top at SFW, not you buddy. Don't forget.


:: Reckless Kid sits up from his last rep on the benchpress. Stands up only to lay back down to start doing pushups.::



Reckless Kid: Ah shut your trap cmon. That was years ago, who cares? All i know is that you better be ready, don't forget who you go against this up coming ppv buddy.


:: Bobby Minio still jumping responds back to Reckless as he starts doing criss cross jump ropes and goes faster::


Bobby Minio: Ah good ol Reckless, missed ya buddy. Glad we're doing this again. Come this ppv, I'll be ready. Don't you worry. You just get your mind focused on Tigerman. He's no easy defeat.


Reckless Kid: Exactly my friend. No easy defeat for you cmon. The guy fears me so much he won't even talk to the media. Now are you ready to get some sparring in before I head out of here.


Bobby Minio: Lets do it.


:: Reckless and Minio begin to walk over to the ring as the camera fades away ::

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