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Rebelution a la c'mon!

Luke Fuentes

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Scene opens up in room with Reckless Kid looking over some papers turning one over after another. Mumbling and saying things to himself.


RK: This commander guy better show up soon. Kinda getting tired of this shit. Because none of this makes sense here. Hey yo AC!?


With those words spoken. Cobra walks into scene.


AC: Whats up c'mon?


RK: The commander has another assignment for us. Take a look.


Luke hands AC Cobra the sheet of paper as Cobra grabs it and begins to read it. As he reads the paper he begins to form a slow evil grin on his face.


AC: If he wants us to pull this off. We're going to have to dig deep on this one.


RK: It won't be that tough. Just stay focus on the goal ahead of us. These are the steps we must take to get there. This place is a game Cobra. We must play the game to get to the next level. Once you learn the game, the world is your oyster. So we must take whatever they give us and double that up.


AC: Rebelution will rise Luke!


RK: You damn right it will c'mon! I'm not doing this for fun c'mon. Rebelution is here to change the game! and once the Commander gets here. A new era will begin. People will bow, People will listen. And People will say C'MON!


scene fades

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