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X-Clusive W/OCW Alumni Tyler Ewanchuk


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By: Stacy Clark


With the OCW 10 Yea Anniversary just around the corner Online Championship Wrestling has been buzzing with excitement and just a hint of nostalgia. As such we had an opportunity to sit down and chat with one of OCW's Perennial Founding fathers.


For those of you who don't know before "The Golden Era", before the "Ambition Era" OCW was just a small company with big dreams. With a roster of young and hungry talent, one of which was Cap10 Tyler Ewanchuk. Having been a pioneer in the budding Ex-Division. C10 paved the ways for guys like DJ Chino, all the way to our Current Ex-Division Champion Matsuda.



It's been a while how long have you been gone?


Damn, 6 or 7 years maybe? It’s been a while, that’s for sure!


What are you're thoughts on the new crop of talent?


I can’t say I've paid a whole lot of attention to OCW while I’ve been gone; I try to catch up every now and then. I feel like answering this wouldn't be fair to the current crew, but I will say that I'll be watching the Ex-Division match very closely.


Much to everyone's chagrin tell us about some of those old days


Back in the day it felt like we were a part of something special and unique. Nobody was doing anything close to what we were doing. Jay worked so hard and we all noticed that and I believe it made all of us work harder too. Through all the flame wars, highs, lows, I don’t think there is anything I would change about the old days. I don’t talk to a lot of the guys as much anymore but I’ll never forget them, as corny as it is to say they were a big deal in my life at the time, I just fucking loved this place.

What do you think you're Legacy to OCW Would be?


Duh, Tylering! (throws DX crotch chop)


It's a new day that stuff doesn't work anymore, so what are you most proud of?


I think the thing I’m most proud of in my OCW career was being one of the pioneers of the EX Division, my feuds with FiXxXer and AJ, and shaving Nate’s head! Plus I think leaving the EX division and staying as a LHW instead of packing on the pounds was another cool thing I did.

Any chance of a return?


Never say never!


What does OCW 10 year mean to you.

Its means 10 years of a great community, from the vets to the new guys this place always had a strong bond. I know right now I am an outsider, but I hope to change that down the line. Here’s to another 10!


The Hall of Fame, you think you got a shot?


Nah, I don’t think so. I never capitalized on the bigger moments/matches I had.


Closing thoughts?


I feel like that same energy is around, that same kind of energy when I used to play. I'm looking forward to the 10 year show. It's been a really long time and its just nice to still see this place here.


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