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Lifestyles of the Mad and Violent


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The camera pans across a dark warehouse. The few lights that are working shine down on four parts of the warehouse; a ring where two men are trading punches and kicks; a mat where two men are wrestling and attempting to apply submissions; an area filled with weights and racks; and finally the camera rests on a banner hanging above the it all.


The banner is black with a white silhouette of a wolf baring its teeth, three words sit below the wolf and they read: TEAM BAD WOLF.


The cameraman makes his way towards the back of the warehouse. After passing the hustle and bustle of the training fighters he makes his way up a flight of stairs to an office that overlooks the entirety of the warehouse.


We hear two distinct voices coming from the office, the cameraman listens in.


????: Oh my poor poor little spider. RYU you were so close, but oh so very far.


RYU: Shut up


????: You wound me, you know I’m the only one who ever cared the only one who helped you.


????: Do you think I enjoyed watching you last year? You had OCW by the throat; you were a force and what did you do?


RYU: I said shut up, I don’t need you


????: [manic laughter] The spider doth protest too much methinks.




????: OCW is broken, ripe for the pickings you have all the tools my spider. Strength, speed, skill, mental fortitude you just lack one thing.


????: [manic laughter] ADAPT or DIE


After a long pause the cameraman nudges open the door to reveal a dark office. We surprisingly see that Ryu is sitting alone, haunched over. He staring into a mask in his hands, and the mask is staring back with a lone eye.

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