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Drago Cesar

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We're taken to a dimly lit room where the only source of light seems to come from the television. There's a couch on the opposite side of it, with a man sitting on it. The man has a five o' clock shadow, and hair that almost extends to his shoulders. A closer look at him reveals that it is none other than the resident animal hunter, Drago Cesar. His phone goes off to the sound of "Tarzan Boy". He groans, then answers the phone.


Drago Cesar: What do you want, Johnny?


A slight pause.


Drago Cesar: Listen man, I don't know. I don't really have interest, last time I work so hard, and it never pay off because of injury. I can't do it, no.


Another slight pause.


Drago Cesar: Ok, we can meet later today.


Drago ends the call. With a sigh, he stands up and heads to the restroom. He washes his face a few times, then looks at himself in the mirror. He stares at himself, almost disgustedly.


???: "This rookie is looking to make quite an impact....."


"....you can't even speak English!"




Drago closes his eyes, clenches his right fist as if he's about to punch the mirror........but then he stops himself, taking a deep breath.








The scene takes place at a local cafe where Drago sits at a table across from his old friend Johnny Law. Drago looks down at the table while Johnny, looking concerned, tries to hold a conversation with him.


Johnny Law: I don't know why you're so resistant to this. Do you know where you were when you last left off there? Your ass injury healed months ago, why aren't you back out there kicking asses?


Johnny stares at Drago for a few seconds, and then resumes.


Johnny Law: You've been in this company for less than a year, and you've made more impact than a lot of other guys, I just don't get i-


Drago Cesar: Because I just don't have willpower to do it anymore. Sitting on ass for months.....it kills you inside. Kills you knowing that you can be in so much better position than where you are. I came here for American dream, and what do I get for troubles? Nothing.


Johnny Law: You were CHAMPION.


Drago shrugs him off, not caring in the slightest.


Johnny Law: You set a precedent for the people that you represent! You don't even know this, but back in your country, people were going nuts for you whenever you won!


Drago's eyes light up ever so slightly.


Johnny Law: Not to mention all those kids who look up to you, man! They looked at you and saw someone with guts, determination, a heart of gold! You worked your ASS off and you made those shows the best they could be! If there is ANYONE that that place needs right now, it's YOU!


Drago raises his head, locking eyes with Johnny.


Johnny Law: I know you better than anyone else. You still have that, that fire deep within you. It doesn't let you rest, not for a moment, because you KNOW that you can be better than this! Drago, you have to realize that the hunt.......it never ended.


Drago's face tenses up.


Drago Cesar: .......Make the call.


Johnny is taken by surprise.


Johnny Law: Wait, so does that mean you're coming back???


Drago quickly stands up, much to the surprise of the other people at the cafe.


Drago Cesar: It is time for the hunt to recommence, Johnny! We've miss out on so much! Who knows how many new specimen can be out there? Who knows how the old organisms like the KD and the Booby Manatee have improve? With you at my side, and the fans cheering me on........


Drago extends his arms upward.


Drago Cesar: I AM INVINCIBLE!!!!!


Drago high fives Johnny as the camera feed fades to black.

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The booby manateee

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