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A Bus Full A Bombshells

Tiberius Dupree

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Late yesterday afternoon, a loud and barely functioning short yellow school bus pulls in front of Fishskill Correctional Facility. The women's prison is located just outside Beacon, a crappy little town in upstate NY nobody will ever care about.


The driver of the even crappier yellow bus is no other than half of the Bombshell tag team Betty Ford and former 2x OCW Bombshell Champion Eerie Sunshine. Nearly a half dozen passengers are somewhat seated in the bus as it sputters to a stop. The figures vaguely resemble women, some definitely more so than others.


Eerie flicks her Marlboro cigarette out the window as she pulls the handle to open the bus doors. Before she can step off the bus, everyone else rushes the door at once. The size of Big Bertha Stigglitz and the even larger rear end of On'yana Bu'Tay compete for first place.


Bertha wins, she's followed by On'yana, KAT, Molly, Jessica Jessie and the now deranged Jackie Blackfoot. Eerie gives them all twin birds twice before finally stepping out herself. As if the timing couldn't be more B movie-ish, the front gates of Fishskill Correctional Facility begin to slide outward.


A perfect picture is painted for your very unpopular instagram or facebook accounts, the rag tag bunch of OCW's Original Bombshell Division stand on a dusty road awaiting the release of one of their own. Former OCW Bombshell Champion and other half of Betty Ford, Anna Mosity, who freely walks out of prison (not for the last time) and unto the dirt road. Eerie and Anna greet by bumping forearms and lighting cigarettes.


Anna Mosity: What the f*** is this?


Eerie shrugs and flicks her cig.


Eerie: I needed gas money, sh*t's been tough the last year or so...


Anna Mosity: Really....your last year? Really bitch... And you bring the f***in' short bus, do I look f***in' retarded to you?!


Everyone looks her up and down while she scratches her breast and smokes the filter of the cigarette, Jessica Jessie nods eagerly.


Eerie: Bitch you could have been 'riding bitch on my bike, but I figured you've had enough of 'riding bitch in the last year. So strap on your ass kickers and come the f*** on.


Anna Mosity: Ugh whatever ho, I'm driving this sumbitch...


Eerie: You don't know where the f*ck we're going, step aside slut.


Anna Mosity: I know exactly where the f*ck I'm going, move it moose knuckles.


Eerie Mosity: Yeah...where's that?


Anna Mosity: First a f*** and a pancake, then off to OCW land to make some cash. Maybe do both at the same damn place.


We get a quick close up of Jessie Jess and Molly.


Jessica Jessie: Oooooo she's psychic, how'd she know...


Molly: Anybody could have told us you'd say something stupid, stupid.


Jessica Jessie: I know right...


Within a few minutes everyone except Jackie Blackfoot who ran off into the woods to hunt small game, gets into the battered bus and make their way back to OCW.

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