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Mandatory Psyche Evaluation


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We pan into a white padded room. In the center of the room we see Ryu Matsumoto sitting cross-legged in the center in a straight jacket and white scrubs.


We see that he’s meditating with his eyes closed. Just as the scene settles on Ryu we see the door to the padded room open. Two large men in blue scrubs step through the door.


The two men take their positions to either side of the door and cross their arms. An extremely short and fat man wearing a white lab coat walks in. The name tag on the coat reads "Mantis Toboggan MD of Psyche". The "doctor" seems to be chewing on something, between bites he begins,


DR TOBOGGAN: EH, listen up there kid you’ve been sent here by your boss for a psyche evaluation.


RYU: ...


DR TOBOGGAN: He says that since they had to downgrade the insurance policy they can no longer afford having you attacking staff backstage.


DR TOBOGGAN: So I’m gunna fix whatevers wrong with you. Boys pick him up, we’re taking him to the happy room.


The two men walk over to Ryu and hoist him up by the straps on his straight jacket and follow Dr Toboggan out of the padded room.


The camera cuts to a barebones windowless room with a metal table and two metal chairs on either side. We see Ryu sat down one one side, and Dr Toboggan sat opposite him, his two large ‘nurses’ standing on either side of him.


DR TOBOGGAN: Ryu this right here is a safe zone I’m going to need you to be honest and confront your inner demons.


Ryu seems to be ignoring the doctor and looking around the room, he sighs loudly


RYU: Lets cut to the chase, I want to get out of here and you want to get paid, so just tell me what to say so I can get back into an OCW ring.


DR TOBOGGAN: You know what Ryu, you’ve convinced me. I don’t want to hold you up any longer than is necessary. I have plenty of patients I need to get to.


RYU: I’m glad we see eye to eye on this, now before we get my release papers could I get a glass of water.


DR TOBOGGAN: Of course! Stan get our man a glass of water will you!


One of the large men exits the room and quickly returns with a glass of water with a crazy straw resting in the glass. He sets it down in front of Ryu who immediately drinks the glasses contents in a few gulps from the straw.

Dr Toboggan is smiling from ear to ear rubbing his palms. Ryu seems to be off balance, swaying in his chair.

RYU: Y-you bastard, what did you put in my drink


DR TOBOGGAN: Drugs, lots and lots of hallucinogenic drugs. Now I’m going to let you stew in here for a few hours. I’m like 40% sure you’ll be fine when it passes.


As Dr Toboggan gets up to leave Ryu begins


RYU: You disgusting I'll fu…


Before he can finish Ryu passes out and his head hits the metal table with a thud.

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?????: Ohayou Ryu!


?????: Mendokusai


The picture fades in from black as Ryu comes to, the “happy room” has changed. The room appears to be split down the middle by a piece of white tape.


Half of the room seems to be decorated in in fluorescent party decorations, while the other seems to be dark and strewn with tables, ladders, chairs, and kendo sticks.


The one chair across from Ryu has now turned into two, one is occupied by the Pink Spider, and sitting next to him is the Black Spider.


RYU: What the hell is going on and who the hell are you two.


PINK SPIDER: Its me! You!



Pink Spider appears to be saddened by Ryu’s lack of reaction


BLACK SPIDER: Dammit, just acknowledge his stupid line, he’s been practicing it on me for 2 years now.


RYU: What the hell is going on here, is this some kind of joke? Are you guys impersonators or something, did Sensation put you up to this?


PINK SPIDER: What part of “Its me! You!” don’t you understand?

BLACK SPIDER: What we are trying to say, is that we are parts of your fragmented psyche and you need to “work us out” before you can get out of here.


RYU: Thats stupid, that isn’t how this works.


PINK SPIDER: After that cocktail Dr Tobbogan fed you, you’re in no position to dictate how things work.


BLACK SPIDER: Please don’t call him that, it demeans our intelligence you do know an “MD of Psyche” doesn’t exist right? You can be a Ph.D in Psyche but an MD…




The two Spiders comply and after an awkward silence the dialogue resumes


BLACK SPIDER: I think its pretty clear that in order to move on from here you need to reconcile with each of us.


RYU: Who died and made you the “MD of Psyche”


PINK SPIDER: Yeah! Why do you always have to boss me around!


Black Spider gives Pink Spider a sideways glance and sighs heavily


BLACK SPIDER: Well its clearly the reason that you’re here. You’ve tried so hard to shut us all out in order to "elevate" yourself that you’ve become incomplete, a shell. I mean look at you, when was the last time you really hurt someone?


RYU: I’d say about a few hours ago when I beat that Security Guards face in.


BLACK SPIDER: No I mean REALLY hurt someone, like H-Edge them off of a ladder through a burning table hurt someone.




PINK SPIDER: YEAH! And when was the last time you had fun doing something like that? I remember when we used dance after doing a cool move or pull something flashy.


RYU: I suppose that’s true, maybe I can loosen up a bit AND crack some skulls.


As he finishes what he’s saying two of the clasps on his straight jacket magically release and he feels himself begin to fade again. Pink Spider begins waving obnoxiously.




Black Spider merely nods his head as Ryu once again passes out.

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Ryu once again awakens but this time he appears to be on the shore of a large lake. The sky is dark with black clouds, as he looks around he spots a figure standing at the edge of the water staring into the distance.


Ryu makes his way towards the figure, as he arrives he sees a familiar face,


RYU: God, I forgot how stupid you looked.

The camera centers on the figure, who now turns his head, his face is covered in bandages. We see that its RADIANCE.


RADIANCE: I do not look stupid, I look menacing and mysterious and I am here to guide you along the path to RADIANCE.


RYU: Whatever you say there buddy. Listen I’m stuck here until I make peace with you or whatever. So lets have our heartwarming moment so I can get out of here.


RADIANCE crouches down and dips his hands into the lake, cupping water into his hands. As he lifts his hands from the water we see that the water isn’t reflecting the darkness in the clouds but is itself black.

RADIANCE: Ryu there is a darkness inside of you, one that is more powerful than any one of us alone. Me, Black Spider, Pink Spider… even you.


RYU: Nothing is stronger than me, I am the Strongest Creature in OCW, I’ve toppled champions, broken streaks, smashed factions, and shattered hopes.


RADIANCE: You did all these things, but not alone Ryu. You may have shut us all out, but there is one that you haven’t the one whose strength you draw upon.


RYU: I don’t quite follow you.


RADIANCE: Myself, Black and Pink Spider even you we are all parts of a whole, but he is the Other. He is a parasite, you could even call him a symbiote. He gives you strength, but at what cost?


RADIANCE: Ryu, I don’t need you to understand me, but what I need for you is to trust me.


RADIANCE drops the dark water back into the lake and motions towards it.


RADIANCE: You must walk into the darkness and face him. I agree we… YOU are the Strongest Creature in OCW. Take our strength and face the other and break the ties that bind.


Ryu stares inquisitively but merely nods, as he does so the rest of the clasps on his straight jacket release and he is free, Ryu walks forward into the water. With each step he descends deeper and deeper as everything around him becomes darker and darker.

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