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So...THIS is OCW...


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*The camera shows still images and video of the Chernobyl disaster. Audio of various news reporters play over the images before the screen turns to static. A dark figure is standing in shadows.*


"Playing with death...something about it releases adrenaline in the human mind. Doing an activity in which wrong move results in death was always "fun". This is the result of insanity."


*shows Ryu in a padded room*


"The results of mocking death are eternal.*


*shows the figure dropping another figure with a Kill switch in a barely lit ring. The camera cuts back to the figure in the shadows.*


"No matter what you consider fun, what you consider a job, or even consider a lifestyle. Death..."


*A glowing robotic red eye lights up.*


"Death kisses us all. I'm coming for you."


*a jumpscare hits and the screen goes black*

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"Imagine somewhere calm

Imagine somewhere safe

Imagine yourself in a frozen forest."

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