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The Rise of Tyson Carter

Tyson Carter

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Tyson Carter was seen walking the halls of OCW and interviewers finally track him down


Interviewer:Tyson what's it like making it into a big promotion without following your older brother EC3


Tyson Carter Well you probably know that I looked up to my older brother growing up but we left on bad terms you see my family has always revolved around Ethan, Ethan this Ethan that....Well Ethan isn't here he's still in TNA under all the tables if you know what I mean


Interviewer What do you mean by that Tyson??


Tyson CarterYou see Ethan was handed everything, he was a real talent coming up but after my Aunt Dixie took him under her wing everything has been handed to him he lost his work ethic he lost his in ring ability solely to that issue And for Dixie Carter she's lost all my respect and so has my "So Called Brother" Ethan


Interviewer So what do you think about E


Tyson Carter cuts off the interviewer


Tyson Carter Enough!!! I made it to OCW on my own I'm no longer in my brothers shadow and I'm here to prove it!! I'm here to entertain my fans and show them what a true fighter looks like I've put everything in to this career! Blood,Sweat,No Tears I say no tears because true wrestlers don't cry...Wrestling is a tough sport it's always changing its how you adapt to it, It's about how hard you get hit without falling to the bottom of the ranks I've been at the bottom and let me tell you I will not be there again I'm here to shine, I'm here to prove my ability to wrestle.

A great wrestler once said he was the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be..... And I am here to change that because I will become the best there is the best there was and the best there ever will be


Tyson Carter shakes the interviewers hand and walks away putting his headphones on

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