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Activity and participation are the cornerstones of OCW. Even if you aren't competing you are welcomed and encouraged to be part of the community. That being said I have taken some measures to cull dead weight from Developmental Wrestlers who do not apply and to rookies who have flaked.


As of last week, any account that is flagged as Developmental aka White Names, you will no longer have access to the shoutbox. In order to proceed to the next step aka being a rookie you need to Visit the Membership Center and take care of business. Which also includes filling out the short form sticky in the same thread, and posting. If this is too arduous a task, there are other places to compete.


If you are a rookie and you have not logged in over a week, or have not made more than 5 posts you account will be demoted to "Fan" aka purple. Quite simply put if you are a rookie you are here to compete and or participate if you aren't that is your prerogative but you will not be considered for active competition until you inform Me or staff that you are ready to compete again, at which time you will be upgraded back to Rookie aka Green.


If you are a wrestler and have not logged in over 3 weeks, you are automatically demoted to "Alumni". To be clear if there are extenuating circumstances I can flag your account to let the system know you are active. But to be clear this is an automated process.


If you are here, then you are here to be a part of the community and or entertain, participate.


Thank You.

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