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Behind the scenes footage: The Golden

Tre Golden

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The scene opens to an old dusty gym underneath an old community center, workout equipment can be seen scattered and ancient, loud thuds can be heard reverberating against the bare walls. The camera pans to left and a wrestling ring is shown, the golden is repeatedly picking up a sandbag lifting it overhead and landing in a perfect bridge. Golden begins to talk to himself as he continues to slam the sandbag. He doesn't appear to notice the camera.


Its crazy that they are looking past me.


He lifts the bag on his shoulder and starts to preform deep squats while still speaking to himself


I'm a MMA world Champ! Its alright Tre, you know who you are, you're the guy who puts in work everyday.


He switches the bag into a powerslam and begins to ground and pound the bag.


You work your knuckles to the bone, Until you can't stand anymore. You already know, these "superstars" are not athletes.


He presses the bag over his head and then releases, the bag falls with a thunderous thud behind him. He sits down on the bag and begins to preform sit ups.


They don't care about winning, they don't care about the Almighty spirt of competition which in itself is the very essance of a man, we are born to be tested in combat, and when you remove yourself from that you become complacent and weak. You let your fame and the money fog your mind, and make you forget who you are, she leaves..... You lose everything. The money, the cars....


Golden sits up and stays upright, he places his head in his hands, and hunches over.


You hit rock bottom.....


Golden stands up suddenly, his eyes still locked on the mat.


But fuck it, remember competition, she won't ever leave, no matter what. Remember Mr.Golden.... Your a fighter, the drugs couldn't take that from you


Golden's head slowly rises his head and clenches his fists at his sides he speaks in a low growl.


You will always will be a fighter!


Speaking louder now.


Keep your limos, keep your fame, keep the money, keep you annoying little hashtags that lost its relevancy in 2013. I've been reborn, and I will be the best wrestler I can be. Thats all you can ask for.

Golden finally notices the camera and he gives it a sly half smile and thumbs up.

That's 22 sets down..... 18 more to go.

Golden begins to pick up the sandbag lifting it overhead and landing in a perfect bridge as the scene fades to black

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