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The Revitalization


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The camera fades in, showing the OCW backstage area. The camera is facing the floor. Oddly enough, someone walks into the shot, showcasing his expensive smart black shoes in the process. As the camera pans upward, we begin see more of the mysterious figure, dressed in a seemingly expensive suit, black tie included. As the camera reveals the man's face, he glares into the camera with a charming, yet disturbed smile on his face.


Bray S. Spur: You don't know who I am. And frankly, that's a good thing. Because if you do know who I am, then you know why I'm here. But, in case you're unaware, let me give you... a bit of a history lesson, if you will.


The man begins to walk down the hallway, talking while still looking at the camera.


Bray S. Spur: I've been called many things. An outsider, a traitor, a liar, a sellout. Among other things. I've garnered several names in my time. From the demonic Cobra, to the mysterious Mystique, I've been to hell and back. I've been called the "Best in the World at What No One Can Do Right". I've been called the "Broken Spirit". And I'm here to tell you now...


The man stops walking.


Bray S. Spur: I'm all of those things.


He takes his eye off the camera and eyes a nearby seat in a locker room. He goes into the locker room and helps himself.


Bray S. Spur: I'm not a saint, by any chance. Far from it. I'll tell you what I am... I'm an honest man. I'm a man of truth. And trust me when I say this, I'm not like everybody else. I've fought authorities, I've shattered my leg, I've been through more hell than anyone else in this business. But, despite all of that, I busted my ass off to be the best. And what happened?


The man begins to look a little pissed off, stroking his beard, but he calms himself and looks back at the camera.


Bray S. Spur: Unmerciful firings, corrupt bosses, ungrateful backstage parasites. Year after year I pondered, 'was it worth it?' I still wonder that today. I was weaker then. Immature, inexperienced... but that changes. Today is the day that I begin my evolution. Today is the day that I return to the ring and prove once again that I am the "Best in the World At What No One Can Do Right"! Who am I, I'm sure you're asking!? My name is Bray S. Spur, and this is the revitalization... of the "Broken Spirit"!


Bray S. Spur smiles a crooked grin while the camera fades to black.

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Good stuff. Excited to bring some creative RPers to PS4.

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