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Tank In Jail.


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Once again Charlie is on the hunt for Tank, this time in a county jail. It seems he was able to speak to the warden and talk him into an exclusive interview. Charlie approaches the jailed man in the yard, walking towards him tentatively as it seems he's making a deal with another inmate. The two exchange a few packs of cigarettes, only for Tank to turn his head and spot the interviewer.


Tank: Charlie! Ya came to see me! Come sit on down!


Charlie takes a seat next to Tank, obviously a bit skittish.


Charlie: So Tank, you've been inside for about a week now, how do you feel about everything that went down? Do you think you went overboard on Bradley?


Tank: I feel great! Ah yea! Jackson losing at the Clash, Bradley's in the hospital, and I'm surrounded by a bunch of my fans!


Charlie: Your fans?


Tank: What? Don't think convicts watch pro wrestling? Most of these guys know who I am, so I haven't gotten any guff. Even signed a few autographs. A couple of packs of cigarettes here and there. If I didn't have business to take care of, I might just stay here.


Charlie: Well, seems like everything worked out for you.


Tank: Yea, 'cept for two things. I haven't wrestled in almost two weeks. I need to get back in the ring, all these guys here wanna see it. Plus... I need to become the Turmoil champion.


Charlie: Bold words there Tank. I'm sure you've heard about what's going on?


Tank: Yea I did. And I got a message for Monty.


Tank looks into the camera with a serious look, smirking a bit as if he can see right into the eyes of who he was speaking to.


Tank: Listen Monty. I may have beaten you down and torched your ride, but Kassidy Hayes isn't the right guy for the belt. You're gonna have a shot at him before I do. I've faced you before Monty and I gotta tell you, you're one tough SOB. That being said, you better win this thing they have going on. You better beat the ever lovin' outta that Twilight Sparkle lookin' mother F***er. Cause winnin' the championship would be sweet, but seeing you flat on your back while I'm given the title would make it all the sweeter. I know what you want, you want revenge. So come and get it.... But get that title first. Cause Win, Lose, or Draw... I want what you want.... to beat the hell out of each other. Charlie put this down as fact, cause I said it. Monty, win the title, and two pay per views from now, get your revenge on me... Whatever match you want, how ever extreme it gets.... Doesn't matter. And Kassidy if you beat him... I want a shot at you. You ain't nothin' special, just another stepping stone under my feet. You're worse than Bradley. You're the type that plays DnD and gets off to Lord Of The Rings. I'm comin' for that belt, and I don't care who I have to steam roll to get it.

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