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Dylan Graves

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Dylan Graves makes a left onto highway 602, guiding his piece of shit 1989 Saturn and following the directions of a GPS navigation app on his phone. He is driving to his first Turmoil show, but isn’t booked. The app’s OCW Turmoil add-on pack had proven to be a solid investment. The voice of newly-crowned Turmoil Champion Kassidy Hayes tears through the painful combination of ambient sounds; bad brakes, worn axles, and an impressive knocking piston.


Kassidy’s voice: “Your destination is just ahead on the right.”


Dylan takes a deep breath, trying to calm his nerves. He’s unsure if it’s excitement or his anxiety that has him torn up. He’s damned happy to be here, but dislikes meeting new people. As he nears the Turmoil arena, we hear his internal monologue for the first time.


Dylan (internal): “Well, this is it. All those years of training, just for this chance; for this one opportunity. More than two decades I’ve spent crying, agonizing in pain, having my nerve endings hardened...letting old men rip me from limb to limb. Why? So I can do it to others, perhaps? It’s my means to an end…the only thing I’ve ever known. I’ve been fighting since I was a child. I’ve fought in National Guard Armories from Miami to Montana, scrapped in dusty Peruvian villages, and prevailed everywhere in between. But, I’ve never fought here.


Kassidy interrupts via GPS.


Kassidy’s voice: “You have reached your destination.”


Dylan: “Destination...I like the sound of that. I’m here, OCW."


He stops talking, but internal monologue resumes.


Dylan (narrating): This is where Dad said I should search. This is where he said I would find him. I’m about to walk into that locker room and meet these guys for the first time and I hope they don’t have a clue who I am. I’ve let my past go. Starting today, clean slate…a brand new Dylan Graves. The problem is I’m stuck with the same old mission. He is going to be here, just like dad said…and I’m going to find that S.O.B.

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