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It's Business Time

Casey Stryker

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**The lights go out. The crowd goes quiet. The screen lights up. All that shows is a close up of the words "Heel by Nature"**


A voice begins to speak...


Voice 1: "Change. Change is inevitable. It is something that will forever exist and there is no denying it. That change has found its way here. The days of OCW will never be the same again. We have come. We will take over.....


**The camera zooms out and pans up. Revealing two individuals (one standing behind the other)looking ever so confident and poised with determination**


Voice 2: "And....it will be....Legendary"


**The crowd goes in an uproar. Half the crowd is cheering. Half the crowd is booing. People are chanting "TLL! TLL!" Realizing they have just witnessed one of the most decorated, hated, loved and longest reigning tag teams in history were just on the screen. Realizing that The Living Legends are officially a part of OCW and business has just picked up.**

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