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The Blueprints debut

The Blueprint

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An intense battle is happening in the ring, Mid match the ref is knocked unconscious after wrestler 1 trys to drop kick wrestler 2. After wrestler 2 catches wrestler 1 with his finisher not knowing the ref is down. As he goes for the pin and lays there for a 5 count catching his breath, a man from the crowd jumps the barricade. The man relieves the ring announcer of their chair.


He slides into the ring as wrestler 2 stands to confront the random member of the crowd, but instead of conversation eats a steal chair to the face. The man follows through with sporadic blows to wrestler 2. After a few shots he tosses the chair out of the ring and stares down at wrestler 2. Wrestler 1 is just getting up and as he gets both feet under them self the man grabs him and delivers a reverse russian leg sweep.


The man stands again and stares down at the destruction in the ring, and makes his way out of the ring and to the announcers table. He gets a mic from the announcer and steps back into the ring.


The Blueprint: Im The Blueprint! From now on.... This is MY ring.


He drops the mic and hops out of the ring as his music hits

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