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Breaking news riot main event announced


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The scene pans into the OCWfed Newsroom at Sensation Tower. Jim Black is sat at a news desk, behind him is a glass window looking over the hustle and bustle over interns scowering the internet on computers for news.


JIM BLACK: Hello OCW faithful this is Jim Black with some breaking news. By order of OUR HERO Jaysin Sensation Sean Mcgee will be FORCED to defend his World Heavyweight title tonight on RIOT.


JIM BLACK: With Parker refusing to use his rematch clause on, quote, "Free TV in front of degenerate 'non-paying' fans, and Paul Pugh still not being medically cleared by the New York Sports Commision the opportunity has fallen on an unlikely candidate.


JIM BLACK: I'm happy to welcome our number one contender for the evening, Ryu Matsumoto.


A the screen bisects and we see Ryu Matsumoto, his hair tied up in a bun wearing a 'Bad Wolf' Tee and gym shorts. He adjusts the camera andwaves into it


RYU: Good Morning Jim.


JIM BLACK: Good Morning Ryu, and let me be the first to say congratulations on this big opportunity.


RYU: (laughs) Save your congratulations for after I win man.


JIM BLACK: If you do manage the win I'll be the first one to celebrate with you. This match is a relative surprise though, any idea why you've been chosen as the number one contender?


RYU: Not exactly, but I think part of it is that me and Sean still have heat from what went on after my match with Parker. You know, I've let my feelings be known and I had asked for a match with Sean since then.


RYU: I think the stars just aligned and I'm blessed to be in this position.


JIM BLACK:You know we'd be remiss to mention that this is in fact your first ever World Championship match, you feeling the pressure?


RYU: While I haven't been exactly here, but I've faced down champions before, and I've beaten champions before and tonight I just have to do it one more time to join a very elite club, you think they'll give me a cool jacket?


JIM BLACK: Anything to say to the Champion before we sign off?


RYU: Yeah, Sean, I know we've had some bad blood, but I respect the hell out of you, but all it takes is three seconds Sean, and you'll be on your back watching me hold the OCW Championship above my head.

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