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Sid Harrison

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The scene takes place outside of a building called "We can make you a star." A black Mercedes-Maybach S600 is parked up just outside. Inside Austin Lee is asleep in the passenger seat. Austin has been drinking his usually whiskey, empty bottles are stashed around the car. There is also a naked girl in the back seat who is passed out. Austin Lee starts to come around.


Austin Lee: "What time is it?"


Austin Lee reaches for his phone which is just on the driver's seat. As he grabs it he looks out the window and wonders where the hell he is. The door to the "we can make you a star opens." as a Man with an 80's mustache wearing a green jacket and white shorts comes strolling out the door. He heads towards Austin Lee's car and opens the door. Austin Lee nearly shits himself as the man sits down onto the driver's seat.

A man with an 80s mustache: "Right where too?"


Austin Lee: "WHO IN THE BLOODY HELL ARE YOU?#WHY DO I SOUND BRITISH.*clearing his throat.*#Who the #F are you."


Austin Lee wakes the naked girl up in the back of the seat. The naked girl speaks.


Naked Girl: "Hey Sid."


Austin Lee turns his attention to the back seat


Austin Lee: "#dreaming? PLEAESE #please be dreaming"


Austin Lee pinches at himself to see if he is dreaming.


A man with an 80s mustache: "Mandy? You were supposed to leave hours ago when I pulled up here."


Mandy: "So that's it? You said you liked me and not just for my body and what's underneath?"


The man with an 80's Mustache goes silent.


Austin Lee: "#What?#No...#Sid?"


Sid Harrison: "#It's me Austin, it was me all along!"


Sid Harrison starts laughing but Austin and Many don't get it.


Sid Harrison: "Oh you people suck."


Austin Lee: "#Is this real life."


Many is just about getting her clothes back on when she begins to talk.


Mandy: "You were not saying that when you wanted to join in on the action."


Sid Harrison: "Right you need to leave woman."


Sid Harrison opens the front door and then quickly opens the back door, the gentleman that he is he holds the door open and shouts at Mandy to "HURRY THE F**K UP!"


Mandy who isn't impressed gets out of the car.


Mandy: "You know what you are?"


Mandy kicks Sid right in the balls. Sid goes down and is in rather severe pain.


Mandy: "A piece of S**T."


Mandy then slaps Sid hard right across the face before leaving. Austin Lee opens the front of the driving car door. Sid who is in dire agony manages to crawl to the seat of Austin's car.


Austin Lee: "Classy."


Sid Harrison: "Let's never ever talk about this again."


Austin Lee: "I already put it on Facebook."


Austin lee filmed the whole thing.


Austin Lee: "#Sid gets his ass kicked by a girl named Mandy."


Austin Lee starts laughing.


Sid Harrison: "You my friend are the biggest D**k ever, you know that?"


Sid Harrison takes out the key from his pocket still in pain from what Mandy just did. Sid puts the key into the ignition and then turns it.


Austin Lee: "What's with the 80's look?"


Sid Harrison: "What do you mean? This is me. I just forgot who I was until now."


The scene fades as Sid Harrison drives away from the building that has another sign which is labelled "We will make you a PORN STAR."

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