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Who am I?!

Anthony Baker

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As a camera began to scan around the hallway outside of a locker room door a figure swung the door open with a slight smirk on his lips.


Anthony: Lately the buzz around the locker room is who is this Anthony Baker kid. Well, SURPRISE! Here I am! It's me. "Dynamic" Anthony Baker. The one and only. And may I say that I can't wait to meet you in the ring? Maybe with a chair in my hand. Yeah that sounds about right.


Anthony raised a single hand up to his chin as he tapped on it as though he was thinking.


Anthony: You may ask yourself is this kid serious? Honestly, I am. I may be a rookie, and you may not know me. But, just wait. One day I'll be able to show you all that I'm more than just a face you won't see again. I'll be a face that you wish you won't see again. When I make my mark in OCW you'll either hate me, or love me. That's your choice. If you hate me then that's your problem. If you love me, then salute. We'll meet again.


Anthony did a little bow to the camera before he took a single step back and closed the door to the locker room

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