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Summercide Contract Signing: Cort vs. Jackmo!

Cort Marshall

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The scene is set in a room somewhere in the Sensational Offices of OCW’s grand poobah, Mr. Sensation. Cort Marshall and Jackson Montgomery are seated at opposite ends of a table, with Sensation between them, facing the camera.


Sensation: You’ll be signing these contracts to acknowledge you recognize the dangerous nature of the event. We’ll have a safety crew at the lot, but put two guys in monster trucks on top of a parking garage and something bad could always happen.


Cort and Jackmo both nod.


Sensation: After that’s done with, you’ll have the proper in-ring match at Summercide. Normal rules apply: count-outs, rope-breaks…


He looks pointedly at Cort.


Sensation: … disqualifications and all. Now if you agree, please sign here, here and here…


He hands papers to both men, who sign them quickly.


Sensation: Oh, and you better be grateful we make shittons of money so we can afford to pay for concrete repairs wherever one of you hits the ground. Either of you have anything to say?


JackMo stands up.




Sensation holds up his hand: Stop.


JackMo adjusts: Just make sure the building is ready and I’ll do my part to make sure there is only ONE TRUE AMERICAN left at the end of the night! There’s not enough space in this room, on that roof, in the OCW for two of us. Time to PROVE why I have the FI breifcase (Jackson looks down at the ground), which I don’t have again. DAMNIT! I’ll be there Cort! Make sure your “truck” is ready.


Cort: Like any American vehicle, all it needs is gas and good wishes. So get ready to say your prayers, eat your vitamins, and fall off the edge of a building... brother.


Cort salutes and the camera fades out.

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