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Cort's Journey pt. 3: Imprisoned

Cort Marshall

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Cort awakens on a cold concrete floor, behind bars. Water drips from the ceiling occasionally, the only sound other than the buzz of an electric light.


Cort: Wh… where am I?


From outside the cell, muffled conversation can be heard. It’s in Chinese, but it’s subtitled for the viewer’s convenience! But not Cort’s. Cort is VERY inconvenienced.


V1: (He’s awake…)


V2: (Ugh, bad timing. Transport is here.)


V1: (Nothing we can do about it.)


The door to the room opens and the owners of the voices are revealed as two policemen, or some other kind of authority. Clad in black uniforms and armed with a pistol and a nightstick, they’re an intimidating sight to the confused and fearful Cort.


Cort: Who are you? I have rights! I demand a lawyer! I’m an American citizen!


Police 1: (He’s a loud one, huh.)


One of the men unlocks the door and cracks the nightstick across Cort’s face.


Police 1: (You, shut up.)


The men handcuff him and walk him out of the cell, into the building proper. It seems to be just a shed, without much in the way of creature comforts. They bring him outside and into the back of a box truck, throwing him inside and slamming the door before he can get his bearings. The engine rumbles to life and the truck begins to move, bouncing over what seems to be a very rough road. As he regains his bearings, he’s greeted by another man in the truck, handcuffed like Cort. He seems to be a local, wearing a robe smeared in dirt and what looks like dried blood.


Prisoner: (What did they get you for?)


Cort just shakes his head and mumbles.


Cort: Don’t speak the language…


His fellow prisoner tries again, this time in slightly broken English.


Prisoner: Aah. Why you here?


Cort groans and sits still for a few moments before responding.


Cort: No idea… I was just looking for some kung-fu guy.


Prisoner: Big coincidence. Would not happen to be… Master Big Head Gay Man?


Cort: Yeah, that’s the one. You know him?


The prisoner smiles.


Prisoner: I am disciple. He teaches freedom in many ways. They try and suppress… China and Tibet, same story always.


Prisoner: You help me escape, I help you find him. If you are worthy… we shall see.


Cort: You got a plan?


Prisoner: Maybe. You come here, help uncuff me.


Cort wiggles over to him as the camera fades out.

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