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Genesis - Doc & Antonio Everett post Rumblegrounds


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The scene opens with Kevin nursing Doc's spine and abdomen following being thrown back-first into the unforgiving canvas with the force of two heavyweight wrestlers. However, both of their minds seem adrift due to such a hectic night of action.


Doc: Kev... Kev? PLEASE tell me I was in there longer than fourteen seconds.


Kevin's mind is focused elsewhere. He doesn't register the calls of his friend as he cautiously walks the rook into a locker room a short distance from the entrance curtain.


Doc (Mumbles): God, that's not the first time I've had to say that. KEVIN!


Kevin: Aah! Oh, yeah. What?


Doc: Nevermind. Anyway, Kev, I was thinking about our futu-


Kevin: I have, too.


Doc: Huh? What's up? It's not me, is it?


Kevin: (Laughs) No, it's not you. It's actually me, and my future in OCW.


Doc: No, Kev. Your future is here, with me; and the crew. It was supposed to be just us, together. Forever.


Kevin: What?


Doc: What.


Kevin: Listen, Doc, it's been really fun hanging out with you, like I feel I have a newfound sense of purpose in my life, and I realised something. I realised it was time for me to take control of my life again. No more toiling in the production truck-


Doc: OUR production truck.


Kevin: -yes, OUR truck. I realised that I couldn't spend my life in there anymore, it's not who I was meant to be. That's why tomorrow I've got a flight out to LA where I'll be starting my new life. A life where I can finally be free from the confides of this place, as nice as it's been to me over these few months. It's time I became who I was meant to be.


Doc (desperately): No, Kevin. It doesn't have to be like this. Who else will I share a beer with? Share merchandise with? Share my life with, Kevin. You were that person, and you're just going to throw that all away, all we had, for what?


Kevin: For the chance to be the best ballet dancer in the world Doc, yes. I have to do this, my flight leaves in 5 hours.


Doc: No, Kevin.


Kevin: Look, I got in touch with someone, don't ask how I found him, I just did. He shares your dreams, Doc. He shares your passions, and most importantly, he's coming to OCW.


Doc (through tears): You found a replacement? Someone like you doesn't just get replaced, Kevin. You have taught me so much about myself, about what I'm capable of here, you can't just go now.


Kevin gets up and paces to the doorway of the locker room slowly and dramatically, suitcase in hand. He turns one last time to utter his closing words to Doc.


Kevin: I see no reason to believe that my work here is not done. Take good care of this individual, Doc, just as I did with you. Be free, brother. Your work will pay off. Prosper.


Kevin walks into the distance as Doc helplessly watches on. Then, his view is disturbed by an unrecognised figure, a new face.


????: Hi, Doc, I assume you got the message. Hey, there there, get that look from off your face, I'm your new partner!


He rushes over to Doc who is in a heap on the bench. Doc slowly removes his hands from under his chin and takes a good look at him. Nicely dressed, about six foot tall, a bit larger than him but not huge.


Doc (sniffling): You must be the guy... Kev... told me about. What's your name,... kid?


The kid stands up tall and beams at Doc.


Kid: Antonio, Antonio Everrett, and I have a feeling that we're gonna be just fine!


Doc: Antonio, huh? Let's get to work then, it's a long road ahead of us. Put it there, Ev.


Doc timidly reaches out for a fist bump and Everrett returns it.


Everrett: You bet, let's do it.

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