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Re"Imugening" Bray


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[The following contains spoilers from the Rumbleground's event. Viewer discretion is advised.]


A day removed from Wrestler’s Unknown Rumbleground’s, the OCW superstars have begun preparing themselves for the upcoming anniversary, high in hopes for the upcoming season.


A bootleg DVD copy of the show fizzles into nothing on a television screen. Ace retrieves the DVD and stores it back into its jewel case.


Ace: Huh… I really went out like that, huh?




She takes a glance at the trophy that he towers over and the medal that he now sports, reading “Best In The World”.


Ace: Cool medal, bro. Congrats! You did great out there!


Bray: ...


He stares at the trophy and pushes it over. Shockingly, it doesn’t break.


Ace: Um, you see that women’s battle royale out there? I sure got my clock cleaned didn’t I?


Ace chuckles nervously, but Bray remains unamused. She tosses him his bag, which he just lets smack him in the face, albeit humorously. Ace tries to hold back a laugh, failing as he glares at her.


Ace: Fuckin A will you at least try to be happy right now?


Bray: [sighs]...What’s the point? I don’t get a title shot from it.


Ace: Come on, Ali. Keep your head up.




Bray grabs his bag and makes his way to the door. However, once he opens it, he is forced to squint and cover his eyes as comes into contact with a familiar soul who posses the glow. As his eyes grow accustomed to the glow, we find that it is the one and only Lord of the Lariat, the Emperor of the Enzuguri, The Sultan of Safety himself, Mugen with a big grin on his face.


Mugen: Salutations old sport.


Bray: This is the first ti…..


Mugen: I’ve come here to your humble abode to show you the observations that I have made while traversing the infinite number of multiverses. Go back and take a seat child as I prepare the Holomitter.


Mugen motions for Bray to take a seat as Ace is bewildered by the appearance of their guest. Mugen takes out a canister looking device out of his jacket and places it on the coffee table in front of Ace and Bray. Mugen looks at the duo to make sure they are ready as he presses a button on the side.


A portal appears in front of them displaying what seems like the projections of other multiverses.


Mugen: Now let me start by prefacing that there are infinite universes just like there is one where I am President-elect of the US. There is one where…..


Ace: Is there one where you don’t interrupt the two of us?


Mugen ignores the comment as Bray is trying to shush Ace up.


Mugen: …..you are a dominant wrestler in OCW old sport.


Bray’s eyes widen at what he just heard from the Overlord and watches as Bray is pinning Jacob Trance with a nonchalant pose.


Bray: That one is my favorite already...


Mugen waves at the portal and the scene changes.


Mugen: Here is one where you actually become a champion…..


Bray is intently watching as he sees him standing over Austin Lee holding the Turmoil Championship over his head.


Bray: Wait...um….I like…..can...we..


Mugen: Of course not everything is ice cream with sprinkles on top.


Mugen waves his hand again to show a disheveled Bray leaving the ring with B-17 celebrating behind him.


Mugen: And….


Mugen waves his hand again and this time we see Bray standing next to B-17 in what looks to be a happier moment.


Bray: That last one didn’t look too bad.


Mugen: Only if you kept watching………


Mugen shudders and accidentally waves at the portal unintentionally showing another projection. Bray and Ace’s eyes both widen at this one unbeknownst to Mugen.


Mugen: What I’m trying to say is that in every timeline and every multiverse, there exists an opportunity to succeed and I believe that I am the one to help you find this success……


Mugen looks at the speechless Bray and Ace who are moving their hands closer and closer to the portal.


Mugen: I wouldn’t get too close if I were you, it’s believed that if you got too close you would be absorbed by the portal and said multiverse and become what you see…..


Bray turns to Mugen with a big grin on his face.


Bray: Sir, this multiverse is what I want to be…….


Mugen frowns as he looks at the portal to see a very Anime looking Bray in the middle of Tokyo eating a bowl of authentic ramen.


Mugen: That ramen does look quite scrumptious. WAIT NO!


Mugen reaches out when he notices that Bray’s hand is getting too close to the portal and its beginning to take claim of Bray’s arm. The scene fades out to the image of Bray being pulled into the portal.

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