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The Call

Code Jackman

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The scene opens up as Code Jackman at a Hockey Game in Madison Square Garden. The New York Rangers were taking on the St. Louis Blues. During Intermission an OCW ad played on the jumbotron.


Code Jackman: How in the hell did Mr. Sensation have enough money to make an ad.


The ad kept playing then it went bingo color. B17 began to talk about his accomplishments and the other stuff he does with men.


Code Jackman: I can take this listening to this "man" talk.


Jackman got up and went to the concession stand and on his way, he bumped into a man which handed him a note and walked away.


Code Jackman: Watch out you Yankee.


Jackman than read the note: B17 is waiting for you. Call him (555) 867-5309.


Jackman looks at the note for another minute pulls out his phone and begins to dial...

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