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Brody Braddock's having a BAD DAY!

Brody Braddock

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The segment fades in and the camera starts to focus on Brody Braddock, who is swiftly digging through garbage under a pier at what looks like a deserted beach. He seems angry and confused.


Brody Braddock: Where are they? WHERE ARE THEY!? Huh? Hey, you better get lost!


At first it appears he is speaking to the camera, but then he starts to charge and it's clear that he is seeing things as he charges right past the camera and attacks something that's clearly not there, perhaps hallucinating. He stops for a second before going on an angry rant directed towards nobody.


Brody Braddock: Goals? GOALS!? I have no goals! I have survival instinct. I have the will to make it another day. They, THEY SAY THEY'LL BREAK ME! I say to them, how do you break what's ALREADY BROKEN!? They say "have a good day." Ha! I don't have good days. I am the bringer of BAD DAYS!


The camera starts to back up slowly, as it does Braddock seems to spot it and charges it in rage. Before any indication of the outcome the camera cuts to black.

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