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Convert or Perish


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The scene opens in the same poorly lit basement where Valkyrie has been held hostage since Summercide.


The room is pretty much empty, apart from a makeshift bed, a blanket and some empty tins of food.


Suddenly, the door opens and Heather Angelo makes her way inside, accompanied by a couple of bodyguards.


Heather: Wake up, Princess. This Fairy Tale isn’t over yet.


Valkyrie looks exhausted but so does Heather


Heather: You have been stuck in this rathole for what? Two months? And you still refuse to understand how Kasstianity could give you a better life.


Heather: I truly cannot believe your stubbornness. We have people begging to join us, people posting pictures of them wearing our shirts on social media in hope we may notice them… and you just spit on the opportunity of your lifetime like it’s nothing.


Valkyrie is massaging her temples. She doesn’t really look like she knows where she is


Heather: But! Apparently today is your lucky day, because we are going to give you one last chance to impress us.


Heather: There’s a Live Event coming up… a perfect opportunity for us to send a message to the entire world.


Heather: Now obviously I would love to handle this myself, but I am a very busy woman, you know. And it’s time for you to make yourself useful, for once.


Valkyrie: I would do anything to get out of this damn basement...


Heather: That’s the spirit!


Heather signals a Ghoul Priest to get close to them. He’s holding a box of some sort


Heather: We have designed a special attire for you to wear. Our Leader figured it’s time for you to learn how to dress properly and we don’t want to make him mad, do we?


Valkyrie: What’s wrong my classic attire?


Heather: Nothing, except for all the pink, the white, the glitter and those silly unicorns. How old are you? 10?


Valkyrie: Whatever. Can I go now?


Valkyrie gets up, still holding her head. She looks like she hasn’t slept in 40-some hours. But as soon as she steps away from her bed, Heather quickly catches her arm and pulls her closer, so she can whisper in her ear


Heather: I know that cleverness is not exactly your forte, so let me get one thing straight…


Heather: Don’t try anything stupid.


Heather: OCW is a small world and we greatly outnumber you. If you try one of your tricks, like leaving Alexa alone in the middle of the match, attacking her or, even worse, being the reason why you two lose the match, I will find you.


Heather: What happened to you in June is nothing compared to what I’m going to do to you if you try to mess with us again. And trust me, you won’t be able to just put a knee brace on and walk it off this time.


Heather: Understood?


Valkyrie is staring off, she looks completely spaced out


Heather: Have you been listening to what I’ve said?


Valkyrie: Convert or perish, right?


Heather: Indeed.


The scene ends with Valkyrie being escorted out of the room by two Ghoul Priests, as Heather looks on.

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