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No Longer OCW Live

TJ Stevens

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The following footage was captured after OCW Live went off the air.


We find ourselves in the general population locker room, it's fairly empty, everyone having went out to local bars as soon as the main event was over, due to the off season it was the first time some of the boys had seen each other.


Left together are the pair of Darryl Bradley and Jett Draven.


Bradley: Oh my god! Oh my god! We did it, you did it!


Bradley clutches his head shaking it in complete disbelief.


Bradley: You did it, you beat the champion! You best turmoils living legend, he's the most decorated OCW competitor of all time…. And you beat him.


Jett begins unlacing his boots as Bradley snaps his fingers three times.


Bradley: Just. Like. That. You know what this means right?


Jett looks up from his task, all ears.


Bradley: They can't overlook you now, you're not the Pariah any more kiddo, you're the product! Doors are going to open up, just wait and see.


As if on cue Bradley's phone vibrates and he quickly checks a text, a smile creeping across his face.


Jett: What did it say?


Bradley: Anniversary show… It'll be you taking on a former CCW Champion, B-17. See what I told you? Work hard and stop seeing shadow figures in every corner. It's going to happen for us Jett, it's going to be our year.


Bradley twirls his moustache in thought.


Jett: What's up?


Bradley: B-17 just beat Aries, it's a battle of the legend slayers…


Jett: And if the B-Community show up?


Bradley: Don't worry, I'll leave a body pillow backstage with a hole in it… They won't even make it to gorilla.


Jett continues to undress, by this time he's wearing a towel and some flip flops.


Jett: I'm going to hit the showers, after that let's go get some food.


The scene fades as Bradley goes back to his phone to presumably buy the aforementioned pillow and Jett takes off for the shower.

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