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Pepperton Dungeon Series: Episode 3


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Oh hello! I didn’t notice you there! Welcome back to the Pepperton Dungeon. As always I am Ryu “The Spider” Matsumoto. Since you’re back here I can only guess that not only can you walk the walk, but you can talk the talk now. As such we’re here to talk about looking the look.


When we talk about your look we need to take a few factors into consideration:


1.Your Face

2.Your Body

3.Your Ring Gear

4.Your Entrance Gear


Your Face

Your face is a blank slate, the only hard rule I like to throw out here is NEVER EVER use the Default face. Its extremely lazy and I know that when I see a default face I bleh on the inside.


After you, hopefully, decide not to use the Default Face you need to figure out whether or not you wanna use someone’s face texture, or manually adjust the face.


I personally never liked using face textures because if they aren’t cut properly you often get weird shadows or dirt on your face. If you do wanna go this route I HIGHLY suggest making your own face texture, or adjusting one on your own so you can adjust skin tone/opacity at your own discretion.


If you decide to build your own face, I recommend finding one feature and making it your own, whether it be ridiculous ears, a huge nose or even having a permanently closed eye turn your face into something unique that can easily be picked out in a line-up.


Your Body

Now take a good look at your moveset and figure out how your guy is gunna fight. Does he slam slam? He should be taller and bigger to reflect that he has the power and size to slam slam. Are you a striker? Maybe you aren’t so jacked because jacked people aren’t as fluid, be more slim and defined, have a boxer’s physique.


What you DON’T want to do, is be an aerialist who’s 7ft tall and jacked to the gills or a 4ft tall anorexic doing Military Presses. Make sure, you look like you can do the things your CAW can do otherwise it's gunna look bad.


Your Ring Gear

For your ring gear we’re gunna go back to the old Pepperton Adage, Keep it Simple Stupid. Step one, Pick Black or White, once you’ve decided pick NO MORE than 3 other colors.


That is the color palette for your attire. I even recommend going less than that, the less colors you have the cleaner your look is going to be. If you don’t have an art/design background keep things as simple as possible!


I don’t recommend doing a mask unless you have a lot of patience for trial and error. The past few years of 2K games have not been friendly to masked wrestlers and you often end up with a mask that looks like an existing wrestler no matter what.


Your Entrance Gear

Sometimes not having fancy entrance gear is just as good as having a good one. If your ring gear looks good, don’t hide it under a jacket or robe.


In addition don’t go overboard, save big attires for big shows or special events. Most importantly, be original, while ‘cosplay’ attires seem cool they aren’t as fun as original content.


My personal best attires have been references to OCW history, whether its coming out as Trash Versions of my rivals and Legends or under one of my old masks.


People will respond to originality more than a copy/paste attire.

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