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The Macuahuitl

El Místico

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The camera shows a tattoo which resembles an old Mayan sword on the spine of Hijo de Mistico.


Mistico: I said I saw the attack on me as a way to get his name out there some more... pero ya no más, I’ve realized this is a lame horse that needs to be put out of its misery. You know how you put a horse out of its misery? Before my people had guns we had a sword capable of beheading a horse in one swing. It was called the Macuahuitl


Mistico chuckles before continuing.


Mistico: The blades were made out of obsidian and it was wielded by the warriors that defended the Mexican heritage long before me. Being one of, if not THE fiercest Mexican warrior today, I thought it was only fitting to carry this into battle against this idiot and the Macuahuitl will make sure there is no struggle, only a lifeless horse laying on the mat when this is over.




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