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The AnimOCW Analysis: Chapter 1 - Assassination Classroom


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MANGA, BLURAYS, AND FIGURES are as far as the eye can see in enormous room packed to the brim with posters, coasters, statues, you name it. Out the corner of the camera, The Anime Prince is organizing volumes of manga on a shelf. He turns to the camera, initially startled.


Bray: Oh… why hello there. Forgive the mess, just sorting out the collection, is all.


He picks up a volume of manga and brings it closer to the camera. The cover shows a young boy holding a sword.


Bray: Look at this beaut. Is she not beautiful? She was first published in the first month of 2002 by my dear friend Tite Kubo. Fun fact: I helped him write the fortieth volume. Pick it up on Amazon, you’ll be entrenched.


Bray: My name is Bray, Braylin if you wish to be formal, though… “The Anime Prince” is the preferred. And welcome, welcome, WELCOME, to the first chapter... of the Anim...OCW Analysis with the Anime Prince.


Ace [off-screen]: unintelligible


Bray: Anime Analysis sounds better, I agree.


He lays the volume with her sisters.


Bray: On this segment, we briefly go over some animes that The Anime Prince has grown to love over the years, and we compare some of its characters to OCW superstars... for better or for worse. But sadly, Bleach is not the franchise we’re discussing today. No, instead we’re going to focus our attention on an extraordinary piece of shōnen material, and no it is not Dragon Ball. [whispers] We’ll get to that beast later.


Bray: No, but instead, the material we will be covering today is…


He raises a volume to the camera, the terrifying grin on the cover occupying most of it.

Bray: Yusei Matsui’s very own… Assassination Classroom!




Bray: Premiering in 2015 under the month of January, Assassination Classroom tells the story of a group of a beautiful octopus and his class of misfit junior high schoolers who are tasked with… assassinating the creature.


Bray: Don’t let the summary fool you, ningen. This is a heartbreaking tale, full of sacrifice, ambiguous morals, friendship… and KILLING. You should check it out.


Bray: Of course, you can't have an amazing anime without amazing characters right? The Anime Prince could go all day comparing his fellow OCW superstars to these beloved characters, but seeing as the Anime Prince doesn't want to be here all day, let's only stick to.... two! Why two? Because nobody likes long promos anymore.



Bray: KORO-SENSEI! The badass octopus himself. He's loving, he's caring, he's eccentric, while also deadly, manipulative, prone to anger, and one hundred percent perverted..


Bray: Which is why he's none other than senpai himself, Bingo-17. Why? Because above all else, he's loving and caring. He loves his community, just like... [sobs] Koro-Sensei... loves... his students...


Ace reaches into the camera and smacks Bray silly.

Bray: Moving on! Another character I feel compelled to compare to is Ms. Irina Jelavic, better known to her class as...




Bray: PROFESSOR BITCH! She's... a bitch. I could dive deeper into how she grows into a compelling character but... she's just a bitch... just like Austin Lee! Both are bitches, both are compelling in more ways than one... but at the end of the day. They are both... BITCHES!


Bray: ...And that's all the time we have for this week! Be sure to check us out next week for more... AnimOCW Analysis. What are we covering next time? ….Well...


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