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Wrestler Bio: Mistico

El Místico

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WRESTLER NAME: Hijo de Mistico

HOMETOWN: Tijuana, Mexico

HEIGHT: 5’10


THEME SONG: BEBE by 6ix9ine ft. Anuel AA




Hell’s Gate



Mexican Necktie (Corkscrew Neckbreaker 2)


NOTABLE FUEDS: None as of yet



1x Pride Champion


Biography (May make edits): Born to a family known to be wrestlers in one of the barrios of Mexico Hijo de Mistico started out as “Mistico Jr” at the age of 13, learning from his father and uncles who graced the ring before him. A rather quick learner, he had mixed his predecessors’ styles of technical wrestling with the current day style of the high flying luchadors. He wrestled in Mexico until the age of 17 where he was offered a contract in an Indy fed in the States, upon getting this he packed up his bags and started his journey as Mystic. He changed his ring name to Mystic because he was now in the United States. He was in the fed and competed in a couple of matches before taking his talent back to Mexico. He felt right at home but after about a year or so of being back in Mexico he was offered a contract with OCW.


Back in the states, he found himself using his talent as a wrestler to make Lucha and Mexican culture more known and give his people someone to look up to.

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