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~[Devils Night]~ Fears made me stronger

The Last Blacksmith

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The cameras frame Blacksmith standing on the stage to admire the empty arena, just a few hours from the beginning of Devils Night, his first PPV debut at RumbleGrounds


TLB: And here we are. In many hours the eyes of thousand of people will look at us, Mistico.


B]TLB[/b]: I hope u ready. I hope you will be ready for the hell that will wait us on this ring.



Blacksmith looks around, admiring the size of the arena


TLB: Do you think i'm not afraid? Do you think that i'm not worried about performing in front of all these people. Bullshits"


TLB: All of us does, but see, for all my life i FACED my fears. I DEFEATED my fears. I BECAME my fears.


Blacksmith look at the horse mask he holds in his left hand


TLB: And this is why i'm the worst opponent that you could face here. Because, unlike the others i admit my fears but I do not give up on them, and that makes me stronger.


TLB: At Rumblegrounds i wasn't strong enough to beat them. But right now, i'm sure about a thing. I won't fail again. And tonight doesn't matters who wins, the only thing that matters is that, even if you will pin me, you will struggle to leave the arena with your legs.


Blacksmith sighs and says to himself, looking at the poster that portrays him and his opponent



TLB: Is show time, folks.

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