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Owner of a Broken Heart

Damian Bourne

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The scene opens in the waiting room of an hospital where a doctor enters and puts on his glasses to read papers attached to a clipboard


Doctor: Bourne?! Damian Bourne?!


Damian would set down his Pro Wrestling Illustrated magazine and get up from his chair to approach the doctor and shake his hand


Damian: Nice to meet you, Doctor...


Doctor: Sanchez, now if I'm correct you're the son of the patient?


Damian: Right, you see I know she doesn't have much time left and I just want to spend the holidays with her, especially Christmas.


Doctor Sanchez: I definitely understand, unfortunately my mother suffered from cancer as well. She past away two years ago on her birthday, so I can feel where you're coming from, here allow me to take you to her room.


Doctor Sanchez would walk through the hallways of the hospital with Damian following behind him, eventually they would reach an elevator, step inside, and the doctor would press floor #3


Doc Sanchez: So what is your occupation? I can tell you stay fit so you must be involved with some type of sport.


Damian: Yeah I uhh… I professionally wrestle in OCW. Maybe you've heard of it?


Doc Sanchez: Yes yes, my children love it. Although I could never get in to it because of how fake it is.


Damian: Fake… sure.


They reach the floor, step out the elevator, and walk down the hallway until they reach room #120.


Doc Sanchez: I'll wait outside, and if you need anything just holler.


Damian would shake the Doctor's hand again and enter the room, his mother would lay in the bed connected to all sorts of machines


Damian: Mama it's me, it's your son Damian.


She would caress his cheek as he sat down next to the bed, also sitting down flowers on the table that's at bedside.


Mama: I missed you, where have you been my sweet son?


Damian: Remember mom, I wrestle now? I was at a show supporting my partner.


Mama: Of course of course, give Mistico my blessings when you see him again. I want you to know something Dami, I don't have much time lef-


Damian: Don't say that mom you're going to get through this I know you are. You just need to have faith, I lost dad this year already and I won't lose you.


Mama: It's the truth and you need to accept it, but I must confess something to you that breaks my heart to say...


Damian: …what is it?


Mama: The man you were raised by and loved so much wasn't your father. He treated you like his own son but David wasn't your real dad.




Mama: I know I know, just take it in slowly. I wasn't going to tell you but I cannot die knowing you don't know you're true father.


Damian: If “David” wasn't my father, the man who raised me since I was a little boy, got me through life, and told me to pursue my real dreams when you wouldn't. Who is? Huh mom? Who's my father?


She would begin to have trouble breathing, so Damian would hit the emergency button and run out the room to grab the doctor and come back in. Standing by his mother's bed she could be heard mumbling, trying to get words out. Bourne would lean in close to his mother with the camera zooming in on his face while his mother's voice could faintly be heard


Mama: Your real father… is…


All that would become heard is ringing, a tear would slowly fall down Damian's cheek as his heard the name of his true father. A flatline could be seen on the life support machine as Damian fell to his knees and started to cry while the screen would fade to black…

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