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Day after Devils Night

Code Jackman

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The day after Devils Night in the local doctor's office in New Orleans.


Doctor: I'm sorry Jackman but there is nothing we can do unless you opt for surgery. I’ll give you some time to think about.


Jackman sitting there with a disgusted look on his face begins to break into laughter.


Jackman: Are you kidding me. After my huge win against B17 and now I hurt my leg. That is how life goes I guess.

He begins to shake his head and hollers for the doctor to come in.

Doctor: what did you decide. Now, remember surgery will put you out of action for 6 months. I recommended it or it's only going to get worse.


Jackman: You have a brace I can use?


Doctor: A brace? A brace won't do anything for you.


Jackman stands up in the face of the doctor


Jackman: listen I have people that will do whatever I want to know. They have some strange fantasies and to be honest between me and you I kinda like them. They will do what I want, so again do you have a brace and if you do give it to me. I am running late I need to be at the tailor in an hour.


Doctor: Yes sir, sorry sir.


The doctor rushes to get Jackman a knee brace.

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