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Ladies Night Women's Championship Press Conference

Drago Cesar

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We find ourselves at what looks to be a press conference in Tampa, Florida. Reporters and photographers lining up in front of a large table. The decor behind the table are filled with renders of the various women on the OCW roster, with the Ladies Night logo up top. The host of the conference steps out from behind a curtain with a microphone in hand.


Host: Thank you kind folks for coming out here tonight! We’re here to promote Ladies Night; the event where our female superstars are given a chance to really shine! At this special event, the Women’s Champion will have to defend her championship against three other participants. The last woman standing will be declared champion!


Host: The first challenger for the championship is….


Ace’s music plays over the speakers as she crawls out to the stage. The audience starts to cheer but they’re cut off by Ace screaming broken Japanese at them. The host shows her to her seat.


Ace: Hallo! Where Flojo!?


She manages to sit at her seat while growling at all the people watching her.


Host: Next up….


Lotus FloJo’s theme plays and she arrives to a shower of cheers. She poses for the cameras, putting on her sunglasses. She moonwalks her way over to her seat.


FloJo: Hello.


Host: The final challenger in the Four Way…..


The theme of Ashley Moore plays on the speakers and she arrives holding her phone in front her face and takes a selfie. She walks her way to her seat, not seeming to care what the host or anyone else is doing.


Ashley: Do I have to be here? With those two?


She points at Flojo and Ace.


Host: And finally, OCW’s very own Women’s Champion……


The crowd start to pop, but are instantly silenced by the “shh” sound effect played over the speakers. After a few moments, Dragana’s theme finally plays and she arrives with Johnny Law. She shakes the host’s hand and has herself a seat along with Johnny. She notices the feverish crowd and raises her arms. She slowly lowers them, and the crowd calms down with her.


FloJo: Well, whatdaya know, it’s the champ.


Dragana waves.


Dragana: :)


Johnny: Oh jeez, that flight to Tampa must’ve been a…..pain in the neck, am I right?


Ace is about to leap out of her seat but she is stopped by FloJo. She barely manages to restrain her friend.


FloJo: You never shut up do you?


The Mask with a Mouth shakes his head with a blank expression judging from his eyes.


Johnny: Nope. For better or worse. Mostly wo-


Host: Folks, I’d like to kick things off by having these lovely people ask some questions.


The host picks out a reporter to ask a question.


Reporter: Dragana, since Savage Lands, you’ve had to defend your championship in several one on one contests. However, at Ladies Night, you’ll have to do this against three other opponents at the same time. What is your thought process going into this match?


The Silent Queen looks around at her opponents. Looking to Ashley, she notes her lack of interest, and bites her lip in uncertainty. She looks toward Ace, who is almost foaming at the mouth while staring at Dragana. The champion uncomfortably leans back on her chair. She finally looks again at FloJo, who seems to be staring seductively at her. Dragana appears to be in a trance until she shakes her head and looks back at the host.


Johnny: FloJo’s proven to be a worthy opponent. We’ve seen what Ace and Ashley can do out there. With three opponents out there and the possibility of some teamwork involved, we’re probably in trouble…..


Johnny clears his throat.


Johnny: ….is what I’d say if we had an average competitor as our champion. Truth is, no matter the numbers or how powerful the opposition may be, The Queen ain’t bowing down to nobody. You could have, like, a perfect dodecaherdonagon right now and she’d still prevail.


Dragana: O_O


Johnny crosses his arms, leans back in his chair and puts his legs up on the table. A bewildered Dragana stares at him. He shrugs.


Johnny: What? I believe in you!


Dragana lowers her head and sighs, touching Johnny’s shoulder.


Reporter: Ms. Moore, your previous appearances in the ring were, let’s say, not overwhelming. How do you think you can prove your critics wrong?


Ashley looks annoyed at the reporter and turns back to her phone.


Reporter: Flojo and Ace, would you consider your friendship as an advantage in the upcoming match?


FloJo: We're not fri--




Ace: Right, right, right, riiiight?


FloJo lighty sighs: Sure.


FloJo: To answer your question, it could be an advantage or a detriment to my goal of being champion.


FloJo: Granted I'm not the best around here so that makes me an underdog…


Reporter: Alright then, question for Ace. Are you willing to do whatever it takes to become Women’s Champion, even if it means turning your back on FloJo?


She ponders for a moment.


Ace: ...Yes.


FloJo: Excuse me!?


Reporter: You put that bluntl-


Ace: No.


Reporter: Pardon?


Ace: Yes! No! Yes! No!


She turns to Flojo and smiles, who nervously returns the gaze.


Ace: Trust. Me!


Reporter: Well, another question for you, your spiked elbow pad has been a topic of concern among the women’s locker room.


Johnny: She’ll kill someone with that thing!


Reporter: Do you think you’ll-




FloJo: Don’t… talk about her pad. She gets sensitive about it.


Reporter: Duly noted.


After the last exchange, Dragana finds herself being surrounded by Ace and FloJo. Her gaze is on Ace, who slowly crawls toward her while growling. However, The Silent Queen is caught completely off guard by FloJo touching the side of her face. Dragana’s face turns into a lighter shade of red.


Dragana: !!!


FloJo: Sssshhhh…..No need to worry. It’ll all be over soon…..


The immobilized Dragana is tackled to the floor by Ace, who looks like she’s about to devour the Women’s Champion. Johnny tries to pry Ace off of her, but this results in the other reporters and security trying to get the ladies off of each other. After a few minutes of tables being turned over and objects being thrown, there finally is a measure of peace as everyone is separated. Dragana is seen still lying on the ground, staring up at the lights. Out of the other side comes Ashley, who goes to take a selfie with the fallen champion.


FloJo slyly makes her exit.


Ashley: Say cheese, champ.


She takes the photo and puts it up on her Instagram page. Johnny tries to help Dragana up as we fade out.

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