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Elliot Parker’s Bio (from the view of a journalist)


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The Parker Twins, two of the brightest wrestling prodigies, talent gone too soon. Born and raised in the midwest, the twin brother and sister shared one childhood dream: to be wrestlers, to be the greatest intergender tag team ever. After graduating high school they immediately went to train under some of the best wrestlers in the world, and they would eventually start competing around the world as “The Gatecrashers”. Things were looking up for the duo, and they were even offered contracts to one of the biggest promotions in the world. On their way to their formality tryout, however, tragedy would strike. An 18-wheeler would cause a pileup that would end up taking the lives of both siblings. And so was the end of their promising careers. Now, with a lot of these story of young people meeting an untimely death, there are some that like to profit from their stories. After over 5 years, people are claiming to have spotted the brother, Elliot, around the world. Shame no one has “seen” Emma yet. Then they could team up again, return from their deathly slumber, and eat our brains, right? Highly unlikely.


Wrestler Name: Elliot Parker


Hometown: Indianapolis, IN


Height: 5’ 10”


Weight: 203 lbs.


Theme: “My Love” by Koven


Special Moves:

F: One Thousand Voices [1kV] (Burning Hammer)

S1: Fall From Grace (Running Meteora)

S2: Lost Wings (Rings of Saturn)

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