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When you think it cannot get worse.

Ashley Moore

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After her inglorious match at ladies night, Ashley heads home in her car.


She arrives at her apartment and she notices that the door is open and a bunch of workers are carrying her stuff out of it.


Thinking that the day cannot get worse for her, she freezes for a few moments as she cannot believe what just happened in her life.


After the initial shock she walks in to see whats wrong. A man, with a clipboard in his hands, seems to be in charge of the action and approaches her.


Man with clipboard: You must be Ashley Moore, yeah, this must be hard for you, but your apartment and everything inside it is seized.


Ashley Moore: But ..., but … why? This must be a misunderstanding. My parents paid for it and they are far away from being broke.


Man with clipboard: Haven’t you heard the news? Your parents home near London was raided by the police and each of their accounts has been frozen. And since no more money will flow and there were still a few bills to pay, this here was ordered.


Ashley Moore: … What? That cannot be? Why would this happen, they are no criminals.


Man with clipboard: Excuse me for a moment.


He shouted a few things to his workers and as he wanted to turn back to her, Ashley is gone.


In fear of losing her car with all her wrestling stuff inside it, she quickly got out of the dust and drove away.


After driving a few miles she started trying to contact someone in her homeland. After lots of unanswered calls and quickly hang up phones, she finally reaches a servant from the house where she grew up and who was at work when the police stormed the residence.


She is still in shock and couldn’t fall asleep.


Servant: It all happened so fast. They came in at 4 am in the morning without any indication. We all had to get out quickly.


Servant: Your parents were taken away in handcuffs and the staff was questioned later in the police station. They asked if we knew anything. But of course nobody knew about it.


Servant: Apparently your parents didn’t just sell farm machinery. They also used their logistics to ship weapons to sanctioned places with civil or drug wars.


Servant: I feel sick, when I think who I have worked for all those years.


Ashley Moore hangs up, as she can not bear it anymore.


After a few hours in her car she thinks about a place to sleep. But with little money the only place she can think of is at her employer.


So she heads to the OCW facility, sneaks into her locker room and spends the night there.

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