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Ambition is a state of mind

The Last Blacksmith

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The Camera is hosted at the Barclays Center, where the entire roster is reunited to prepare the next Super Turmoil show. TLB, after signing autographs to the fans present at the entrance, is stopped by a boy's question: "Will you participate in Ambition?"


Blacksmith turns around and responds to the little OCW fan: "I have no idea what you're talking about, boy"


"Let me answer this question" says a voice coming from the back.


It cames from one of executives of the OCW


TLB: "Oh, Tom. Yea would be a pleasure understand what's going on"


Tom: "Our hero has made this decision. It will be a show just for you rookies and for those who have been here for less than 2 years. It will be a great chance to make a name for yourself".


Tom:"Is a chance that you can't miss. So will you join?"


TLB: "Ambition"... he smiles ironically


TLB: "Do you seriously think that i should need this to be noticed"


TLB: "Do you know Tom what "Ambition" means for me? Ambition is going on the ring week after week, and conquer a place deserving it, beating every opponent who, week after week, is ready to give his life to knock you down.


TLB: "What i see is a show where will be placed all the rookies who, alone, would not even find the toilet of their home. So please, do not waste my time with this, and

call me when there are serious opportunities


Tom: "You're doing the exact same mistake you made when you arrived here, aren't you"


TLB: "I'm..., where do you want to arrive?"


Tom: "you've got a series of victories, even good victories it's true, and you're feeling too sure of yourself. Again. Do you remember how it went last time?"


TLB: "I'm not going to repeat the mistakes."


Tom: "Well, is what you are doing. Ambition will allow you to collide with each new rising star of the federation, and meanwhile you will have your opportunity match vs Ricky, that will lead you to Drago and his title if you win it.


Tom: "Do you think to be good? This is time to prove it. You are not yet in a position to refuse great opportunities. So when you have an answer you know where to find me. Think about it".


Words of the executive flow into Blacksmith's head, who, meanwhile, traces the elimination and the difficult moments passed after rumblegrounds. Before

the manager can leave, TLB raises his head and, with eyes full of anger, says firmly : "I don't need to. I'm in"

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