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A Thunderous Reign Comes


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The camera pans over to the stage as the Turmoil Arena lights fade to black members of the audience look around in suspense for who could be coming out. A single spot light beams down to the center of the stage as smoke begins to overtake the ramp. Cherry blossom petals begin falling from the ceiling into the area. There is a man wearing a traditional Taiko drummers garb standing in the spot light with a drum. The sounds of a Taiko drum start to rumble through the area softly as a female’s voice comes over the speakers.


Female Announcer Voice: On September 2004 history was made as Empress Kuma took to the Indie scene like a rocket claiming Victory after Victory. It seemed as if nothing could slow her success.


The drums thunder begins to slow more.


Female Announcer Voice: It wasn’t until an in ring accident took the Empress’s reign to a screeching halt.


Drums picking up in rhythm becoming more intense.

Female Announcer Voice: But, that was the past and this is now. This isn’t the indie’s anymore and The Empress is coming soon. It’s time for the Turmoil to stop and the Reign of the Empress to begin.


The roar the drums dwindle as the spot light fades to black for a moment before all the light comes back on in the arena. The drummer and drums are gone as the smoke begins to clear all that is left in on the stage is an Hannya Mask. The camera zooms in on the mask on the stage.


Female Announcer Voice: And she’s bringing her demons with her.


The screen goes to dark as the camera focus on the mask.

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