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Riot 519 Braddock vs Doc Post-match missing RP


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Following the three count Doc Green gets up and starts to celebrate his win. Braddock sits up and starts to twitch his face. This twitch works it’s way throughout his whole upper body. The look across his face is pure insanity, a bit of confusion mixed with anger and fear. Braddock starts to frantically look around before getting up and charging at an unaware Green. He yells something almost inaudible as he charges.




Too quick to react, he lariats Green from behind, leaving Green face first on the ring floor. Braddock stands over Green yelling in a choppy tone.


Braddock: Youuu... You need to listen!


Braddock starts to look around in what can only be described as shock. It appears he’s being brought back to reality and realizes for the first time since he entered the ring that there is an arena full of people around him. His facial expression changes to represent the terror he’s feeling inside.


Braddock: You ALL need to listen!


Braddock shifts his attention back to the downed Green. He grabs him by the neck and lifts him from the floor slowly pushing Green above his head with both hands, signaling that a Bad Day Bomb is coming. Just as he gets his arms fully extended a loud cheer booms around the arena, as Doc's tag team partner, Antonio Everrett, makes a beeline for the ring, still visibly showing the effects of a damaged arm with a large bandage covering his left shoulder and bicep. He makes his way into the ring, grabbing Doc and letting him fall to the side, before pushing Braddock away and inaudibly shouting obscenities at him while squaring up to him.




Braddock slowly backs up and makes his way out of the ring, still twitching and growling and grabbing at his face and hair, with Everrett turning his attention to Doc, attending to him as the camera shifts back to the announce team.

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