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Ring my Belle


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The Camera is seen making it's way to Empress as she enters the backstage corridor after her attack on Belle. As she makes her way around the corner of the corridor she's approached by Stacy Clark. Stacy lifts the mic up to her face.


Stacy: Empress what were you thinking attacking Belle like that over what was clearly an accident? Did she really deserve that?


Stacy holds the mic up to Empress who looks Stacy up and down for a moment. Before wiping a bit of sweat off her head with her hand and cleaning her hand off on Stacy's shirt. Stacy looks at her disgusted by the action. Empress stares Stacy in the eyes and smiling a bit.

Empress (Broken English): Your name?


Stacy: I am Stacy Cla...


Empress cuts her off in the middle of her response.


Empress: You'll be next.


Empress pushes Stacy out of her way and continues down the corridor.


Empress says from down the hall: So...sorry!


A hearty laugh can be heard as she makes her way off camera

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