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~[The Clash]~ Welcome to Hell

The Last Blacksmith

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The scene opens in an arena in the dark. The only illuminated part is the center of the ring where a ladder is positioned. On top of this steel structure is The Last Blacksmith, with his face turned towards the camera and with a Kendo Stick in his right hand

Blacksmith: "And so here we are. Soon, you and I will face each other on this ring, Drago Cesar, and to be honest I can not wait to see who will go out on his feet from this"


Blacksmith: "You know drago, it will be a hell. Ed even if, as I said, you are a perfect machine, I'm not sure if you can still getting along the hell anymore.


Blacksmith: "See, you are the man. In last years nothing went wrong for you.

You have not been forced to reach the bottom to return to float. You probably don't even know how Hell looks alike"


The Last Blacksmith comes down from the ladder.


Blacksmith: "Last riot, I only gave you a taste of what you will be facing this sunday"


Blacksmith: "You told that you see only anger in me. Anger coming from my ambition to leave a mark in OCW"


Blacksmith: "Well, maybe you are not so wrong. And as you can see from your wounds on the back, I can easily leave a mark on who I want and how I want. Even on you"


Blacksmith looks the kendo stick in his hand


Blacksmith: "This friend allowed me to break a streak at Devils Night. Let's see if the history will repeat..."


Blacksmith: "Welcome to hell, Drago Cesar. I hope flame won't burn you excessively"


The scene fades with The Blacksmith looking at the camera with a mischievous smile.

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