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Stacy Clark runs up to Empress with an official translator this time and a cameraman as Empress is trying to make her way to the exit of the Riot Arena.


Stacy: Empress...can I get a quick word? Due to the interruption of the previous interview. Can you Tell us about Flojo? ...or What's your issue with Belle?


Stacy looks over at the translator . As the woman begins to speak in Japanese the expression on Empress' face changes to that of annoyance.


Empress drops her bag on the floor and shoves the translator onto the ground. The woman crawls out of the scene as Empress leans in close to Stacy.


Empress: My English may be broken a little But, I don't need a translator for your stupid questions.


Empress: I just don't like you and right now I really want to hurt you because you look a lot like that Toaster Strudel headed bitch Belle.


Empress: You want to know my problem with Belle... she's still walking. I should have laid her ass to rest in the middle of that interview.


Empress: She wants to dream of rainbows and unicorns like that walking bag of glass shards Valkyrie. I'll help her with that when I knee her in the face and put her in a coma for the rest of her life.


Empress: As for Valkyrie I'm disappointed Ashley and Blaine didn't put her down for good. She's luring my little sweetheart Belle down a dark alley and honey there isn't a happy ending at the end of it.


Empress taps on her wrist as if she's tapping on a watch.


Empress: So sorry...Times ticking and it's almost bedtime Bellerina.


Empress picks up her bag from off the floor and beings to walk out the exit.


Stacy: What about flojo?


Empress: In the words of her own friend. Fuck Flojo! She's a relic that's about to get placed in a museum.


The exit door closes.

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