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Coffee Run

Leroi Daniels

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*Early in the morning, Leroi drives along the road on his way to go grab some coffee. After driving for a little while, he stops at a Starbucks and parks his car out front. He walks inside getting in line, reaching inside his coat pocket and grabbing his phone. He goes to his messages and starts to text his friend Travis.*


Leroi: *texting* “Here at Starbucks, what do you want?”


Travis: *texting back* “Venti Coffee, 3 Splendas and a little bit of half & half.”


Leroi: “Aight. How long until you get here?”


Travis: “10-15 minutes.”


Leroi: “Ight. See you soon.”


*He puts his phone back into his pocket, walking up to the counter. He then gives his order to the Barista.*


Leroi: “Hi, can I have a Venti Mocha Frappuccino without whip cream and a venti coffee please.”


Barista: *politely answering* “Of course. Would you like room for creamer.”


Leroi: “Uhh, yes please.”


Barista: “Alright. Your total comes to $8.00.”


*Leroi takes his wallet out his pants pocket and takes out a $20 bill. He hands the money her, as she accepts it with a smile.*


Barista: “I feel like I’ve seen you before.”


Leroi: “The television maybe.”


Barista: “You’re that one wrestler on OCW. Leroi Daniels right?”


Leroi: “Yes ma’am, in the flesh.”


Barista: “You’re my biggest fa… I’m your biggest fan. Sorry, I just never met a celebrity before.”


*She blushes, letting out a cute laugh. He smiles.*


Leroi: “Trust me, I’m new to this whole thing.”


*The Barista would hand him his receipt and change. He takes the receipt, but puts the change into the tip jar.*


Leroi: “Keep the change.”


*He winks as he goes to take a seat at one of the tables. He scrolls through social media, waiting for his drinks and his friend. He suddenly gets a texts from a random number.*


Random Number: “Leroi it’s your sister Ilana, I got a new number. Call Mom when you get the chance, she says you haven’t talked to her in a while.”


*He goes to text back, but is interrupted by the Barista. She sits the drinks next to him and smiles. He looks up at her.*


Leroi: “Thanks.”


Barista: “No problem. You mind if I have a seat?”


Leroi: “Sure. By all means, go ahead.”


*She pulls out the seat next to him and sits down. Leroi takes a sip of his Frappuccino, before speaking.*


Leroi: “I never would’ve taken you as a fan of wrestling.”


Barista: “ Yeah I know. To most people’s surprise I’ve been a fan since I was like 10 years old.”


Leroi: “Really that’s a pretty long time. I didn’t into wrestling until I was in high school.”


Barista: “Is that what led you to pursue a career in pro-wrestling?”


Leroi: “Somewhat. I was a personal fitness trainer, before I considered a career in wrestling. I would help people get the physic they want, manage their diets, and help them feel more secure and accepting about their bodies. One day I was watching wrestling and I was wondering how it would be if I become one.

I figured that I have the body, I have the attitude , and that It would be a good thing to get into. Not to mention that I was also on the wrestling team in high school, so that prior wrestling experience also help in me getting into OCW.”


Barista: “That’s interesting. It sounds like you’ve had a very active life so far.”


Leroi: “Yeah, it has its ups and downs but at the end of the day, I enjoy what I’ve accomplished so far. I want to be able to show people that no matter who they are, they can make it anywhere they want to and obtain anything they work for.”


Barista: *Nodding her head in approval* “That’s good. Um you had said that there are downs when it comes to what you do. If you don’t mind me asking, what are some of the downs?”


Leroi: “Well uh…”


*Suddenly Travis would enter the Starbucks and interrupt their conversation.*


Travis: “Hey man good to see you. Who is this?”


Leroi: “Well this is uhh… I’m sorry I never got your name ma’am.”


Barista: “Valeria and my break is just about over so, I’ll see you soon Mr. Daniels.”


Leroi: “Hopefully so.”


*She walks to the back, waving at him with a smile. He waves back, then directs his attention back to Travis.*


Travis: “My bad man I didn’t know you was trying to…”


Leroi: “No It wasn’t anything like that, she’s just a fan bruh.”


Travis: “Oh aight. So what are we doing here?”


Leroi: “Did you drive?”


Travis: “No, I took a cab.”


Leroi: “Good. Lets go, we’ll take my car.”


*Leroi stands up and pushes in his chair. He grabs the drinks, hand Travis his as he sips his Frappuccino once again. They walk out of the StarBucks and the scene fades to black.*

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