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So fresh and so clean!

Tre Golden

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Shirtless Cobra opens up the scene inside of the locker room, before Riot 525. The camera zooms in on him, there’s two knocks on the door and then it burst open.


Tre Golden enters the room carrying a briefcase, in his ring gear with a concerned look on his face.


Golden: Cobra?


AC nods his head to music with his headphones in his ear. Tre rolls his eyes.


Golden: Cobra? Cobra? Cobraaaaaa!!!!


AC takes off the headphones. generic rap can faintly be heard.



AC: Tre, what’s up bro? Big match for you tonight man, do work!


Golden: Yeah, sure. I’m not back to full power without my Fro, I was hoping to put Kass off for a while. Anyway, what are you doing? What is that smell? You dookie your pants son?



AC sniffs himself and shrugs.


Golden: * face palms* Cobra, have you washed that ring gear yet?


AC stands there with a confused look.


AC: Uhhhh we’re supposed to? Didn’t see that in the handbook *stares at the camera*


Golden continues to face palm and have a disappointed look on his face.


Golden: Sit down man


Cobra, sits besides Tre. Cobra stench from from his D.Va gear makes Tre covers his nose and point for him to stand back up. Tre opens the briefcase and AC jumps up & down like a school girl.


AC: YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so much man.


Tre picks up the items in briefcase and reveal it to the camera. Brand new in ring/entrance gear for Cobra.


Golden: Famous football player said, you look good, you’ll play good. We’ve spent the last few weeks knocking off them candy corn tits. Now, we’re gonna get you together with this new gear enjoy.


Golden reaches in for the vintage titty twister on AC but AC slaps his hand away and gives him a big hug as the scene fades.

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