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Leroi Daniels

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*The scene opens at an office space where multiple men sit at a long table, with multiple microphones, headsets, and red solo cups. They were conversing amongst themselves and drinking from the cups as time went on.*


Podcast Host: “If you’re just tuning in, Welcome to The Muscle Mass Podcast, the podcast devoted to all things involving muscles. Our guest today is none other than OCW superstar Leroi Daniels.”


Leroi: “What’s going everybody, great to be here.”


Podcast Host: “So early you were saying that signing with OCW was the best thing to happen you. I was wondering if you could elaborate a little more on that.”


Leroi: “Yeah definitely um… OCW has changed my life for better. Y’know it's given me a platform to let my voice be heard, I’m able to use my physique to do something that I love doing, and I also am able to provide for my family. So I will say that it 100% is the best thing to happen to me.”


Podcast Host: “Was this something that you saw yourself doing early on in your life or was this a more recent thing.”


Leroi: “Well uh… it was always something that I considered, but never really thought that I would make a lasting career out of ya know. I mean it still could be swiped from right under me at time, but for right now it’s looking like I won’t be going anywhere anytime soon.”


Podcast Host: “That’s great man. Oh, we also heard that you were in the process of creating a podcast/talk show of your own, is this true?”


Leroi: “Oh yeah, this is something that I had in the works after my match with Damian Bourne. I was gonna call it ‘The Daily Drip’ and I was going to interview other wrestlers and sports athletes, and inform the viewers of what was happening in the world of sports, mainly wrestling.”


Podcast Host: “What ever happen to that man, that sounds like something I would tune into.”


Leroi: “Well I ultimately ended up dropping the drip gimmick and I figured that It wouldn’t make sense to have a podcast that doesn’t match what I’m doing. So I scrapped it for right now.”


Podcast Host: “Do you think you’ll ever revisit the idea?”


Leroi: “In the world of wrestling, anything is possible. So I want to say yes to that question.”


Podcast Host: “That’s great man, that’s great. Well before we start to wrap it up, I have one more question for. By the way I appreciate you coming on the cast today.”


Leroi: “No problem, I enjoy being on here. Go ahead and fire away.”


Podcast Host: “If you weren’t in OCW, would you still be in the sports industry? And if so, what would you be doing?”


Leroi: “That’s a good question, I’m surprised that nobody has asked me that question before. But umm… yes I would still be in the sport industry if it weren’t for wrestling. I would have either tried out for American Ninja Warrior or HCF.”


Podcast Host: “HCF as in the mma company.”


Leroi: “Yeah, I was considering them for a while, but I ultimately went with wrestling. So best believe that if this doesn’t work out, I’ll be right over at HCF soon.”


Podcast Host: “Awesome. Well thank you Leroi for coming on the podcast, it truly was wonderful and I can’t wait to see what you do in the future.”


Leroi: “Thanks man, anytime.”


Podcast Host: “That’s it today ladies and gentleman. Tune in tomorrow for our next guest, President of Hardcore Cage Fighting, Jaren Dawson. Thanks guys and have a fully fit day.”


*The podcast ends and the scene cuts to black.*

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