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Wrestler Bio: Danny Watts

Danny Watts

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Wrestler Name: Danny Watts

Hometown: Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina

Height: 6' 3"

Weight: 240 Lbs.

Theme song: Creature of Desire · Visigoth


Signature moves : Emerald Flowsion & Northern Lights Bomb

Finisher move: Act of Violence


Accolades: N/A




Danny Watts was born on October 23, 2000 in Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina. Early in his life, his father, the person who got him into pro-wrestling, passed away unexpectedly. So, Watts decided to become a wrestler in honor of his father and to make him proud. Late in his teenage years, Watts moved to Texas to finish high school. Once graduating, he sought of on a journey around the US to learn from legends and professional athletes. Not able to find many, he decided to go back home to NC to train himself, with help of his brothers and uncles to become a pro-wrestler. Now, Watts sees himself as a highly athletic and technical wrestler capable of doing many things as well as stretching out an opponent. When people ask about Watts to his family, they always say that his most dangerous move is his rolling elbow in which they say is like an, Act of Violence.

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